Signs Your Dog Loves You The Most - Are You The Favourite One?

Signs Your Dog Loves You The Most – Are You The Favourite One?

We, dog parents, will always come to pass the time when we are feeling a little self-conscious about the relationship between the dogs and us. If so, you might be thinking about signs your dog loves you the most.

We will start doubting if we’re doing the right things and keeping our pets happy. We will think about whether our canines love us the most and always wonder if we’re doing the right thing in keeping our pets happy. 

So, what are the signs your dog loves you the most? These signs vary from being happy when you get home in the evening to seeking a belly rub from you. Sometimes you may even notice your pet is carrying something that belongs to you, especially when you are not around. 

While there are so many signs that say “I love you, mommy” or “I love you, daddy” in dog language, many of these are generic to dogs of all breeds.

So without further ado, let’s check out some of these signs you can interpret as signs of your pet showing affection. 

Signs Your Dog Loves You The Most

As a fellow dog parent, I understand if you doubt if your dog is loyal and loves you or if it is someone else. But let me tell you a secret. If you haven’t done anything to make your dog scared of you, he probably loves you more than anything in this world. 

Let me walk you through the signs your dog loves you the most.

  • He is leaning against you whenever he can 

Have you noticed that your doggo is trying to have physical touch with you whenever he can? He will lean against you, sit by your feet, and put his head on your lap, which are simple signs of an affectionate doggo.

Although many of us won’t notice these subtle signs all day long, it is one way our dogs show love.

Moreover, if you check it out close enough, you will see that he’s doing this with you a lot if you’re his owner. That is because he loves you the most. 

  • Wagging his tail excitedly when he sees you

If a dog is excited to see someone, it means he’s in love with that person. Although they do it with any person they know, if you’re his best friend, he will show much more bounce in his body and excitement than on any other occasion.

So if you are doubtful, take a closer look when you come home to your pet after being out for a while. 

  • Licking your face, hands, legs, and anywhere they could reach

A dog licks people who are closer to his heart. He will not lick your best friends if he’s not very close to them.

But you, his alpha, are the person that feeds him, takes him on walks, and tends to all his needs.

Therefore, unsurprisingly, he will lick you whenever he can to show affection towards you. 

  • Sleep with some of your possessions

Some dogs get lonely when you leave them home alone. So, our brainy little dumplings have found a new way to keep themselves from feeling lonely.

They will sleep with one of your possessions, such as a shoe or a stinky sock, scarf, or any other wearable, so they will always have your smell they can whiff. 

  • Constantly checks on you

Imagine that your pet didn’t see you for a while, while you were still home. You will definitely get a visit from him after some time to check where you are and what you are doing.

A dog constantly tries to protect his loved ones from danger, and being on full alert and keeping a close eye on you is one of those. 

  • Let you touch his favourite toy

A dog’s favourite toy is a closely guarded possession. They also have the chance to get aggressive if someone they don’t allow tries to take their toy.

But, if your pet gives you his toy whenever he’s in the mood for playing or letting you touch it generally, it means that he trusts you enough to let his toy be with you. 

  • He makes soft eye contact with you

Usually, making eye contact is something that dogs generally despise. Usually, when a stranger stares a dog straight in the eye, it will make many dogs go ballistic and attack.

Some will go and hide somewhere. But when it’s his owner, dogs love to look at us and stare at us with soft eyes. It is another one of the signs your dog loves you the most. 

  • Loves sleeping in your room at night

My doggo, sparkles, will never put a paw out at night from my room. When I go to bed, he will follow me and sleep in a corner he chose from an early age.

Since I don’t put him in a dog kennel at night, he has three beds around the house—one in the living room, one in the kitchen, and another in my bedroom. The dog bed in the bedroom is where he slept for over ten years after I took him home.

These are only a handful of signs your dog loves you the most. While we won’t notice many of these subtle signs, they happen throughout the day and are obvious to you when you look closely.

These finer details in your pet will give the perfect answer to your doubt if he loves you the most.

Once you start noticing, you can be straightforward if he sees you as his alpha or someone else in your household.

If you are not the one who feeds him, takes him on walks, plays with him, etc., it will be someone else because the dog who tends to the dog’s needs will be seen as the dog’s alpha.

So better keep that in your mind before being disappointed that you are not getting any signs your dog loves you the most.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


  • Sofia Williams

    Sofia W. is a professional dog trainer who completed Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA and CPDT-KSA) certifications. Also, she has completed the Pet Nutrition Coach Certification. Sofia is interested in creating nutritious food formulas for dogs to give them a longer and healthier life. She believes food and training are a collective combination of a healthy dog. So, she is with us to share her expertise and knowledge with other dog parents.

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