Why Does My Dog Lick Me And Nobody Else? Reasons Explained

Why Does My Dog Lick Me And Nobody Else? Reasons Explained

One of the sweet, annoying things about dogs is their habit of licking people and rubbing their wet noses on us. It shows their gratitude and love towards the person. But how would you feel if the dog only licks you and nobody else?

Let’s check the reasons why my dog licks me and nobody else.

So, Why does my dog lick me and nobody else? Dogs lick people they have had fun with before, and sometimes much to your dismay, they might just be tasting you. But if the dog is only licking you out of everybody else, it might be because they are not that close with others but you.

Why Does My Dog Lick Me And Nobody Else? 

First of all, let’s see why your dog licks you in the first place. This habit of licking is not a learned behavior.

Every dog licks their humans and other family members to show their love and affection. It’s also how they bond and strengthen their relationship with you. 

Most dog parents frequently interpret these occasional lickings as the closest thing to a dog’s kiss. Yes. It’s so sweet and shows your dog’s affection towards you.

Most of the time, the dog gets closer to the person who does most of his work, including feeding, walking, playing, and washing him. 

As an example, take my dog—a dachshund of 12 years. Even though I’m his owner, he’s closer to my mom than me.

That’s nothing to worry about, considering she tends to all his needs while I’m busy working all day. But when my mom’s not home, my fluff-boy will come searching for me. 

The same thing happens during his habit of licking too. If your dog is closer to you and has more fun with you than anybody else, he’ll hang around you and occasionally lick you on your face, legs, and hand, and when he’s in a playful mood, all over your body. 

Or maybe your doggo might like how you taste. 

Sometimes, the first impression also plays a demanding role for the dog. To lick someone passionately, he must be close and love that person.

If that person’s first impression is not good, your pup will reject them rather than licking them and even bark and growl at them. 

The next possibility is that your star releases his stress through you. Because you’re his best friend, he’s seeking your attention and trying to get rid of the pressure he’s feeling.

Why Does My Dog Lick Me Like Crazy? 

This habit is not a learned behavior. It is an instinctive habit, just like how their mother used to lick them while they were the puppies to provide comfort and groom them. 

Sometimes, no, whenever I go out and come home, my dachshund comes running to me. He will sniff me and lick my feet till I pet him.

Even after that, I’ll get drooled for a few more minutes until he finally decides that he showed enough affection for me for the day. He’ll lick me crazily, jumping, running, barking at me, and generally enthused to see me back home. 

That’s normal among many dogs. That’s how they are welcoming you back home. You should know another thing if you notice any sudden behavioral change in your doggo.

If he suddenly started a habit of licking you crazy but no one else, there could be an underlying health issue. 

As I mentioned somewhere above, if the puppy is stressed or anxious, licking his parents or a loved one like crazy will help him relieve all the pent-up stress.

It will soothe him and calm him down. But if this persists beyond acceptable limits, you’ll have to contact your veterinarian. 

Another thing my dog does is lick my hands and feet while acting crazy when he needs to go outside or is hungry.

When he runs to the door and back to me, then licks me while wreaking all havoc, I know that he’s suddenly needed to go out. If he does the same thing with his food bowl, he’s trying to tell me that he’s hungry. 

He gets settled down when I tend to what he’s trying to say. That’s another reason why my dog licks me and nobody else. He knows he can get what he wants from me easier than anybody else.

Why Do Dogs Lick You Privately? 

Have you noticed that your dog is licking you whenever you two are alone and nobody else is there? 

Does he run around you following your trail and licking you all the time? Does it happen only when your other family members are out of the house? Can you guess why? 

When your pet feels lonely, you will get slobbered down with excessive licking and sniffing. He might also be stressed and anxious when he’s alone.

So, if you’re searching why my dog licks me and nobody else, this is another reason.

How To Stop A Dog From Licking You Excessively?

I know that many dog parents love it when their pups lick them. Most of us interpret this gesture as kisses from our pets.

But there are instances where your fluffy goes over the limit with this habit. Or you’re not a big fan of slobbery kisses. 

Since now you’re checking why my dog licks me and nobody else, we decided that you should know ways of stopping this behavior, too. 

  • Ignore The Behavior

Most of the time, whenever our dogs lick us, we pet them or cuddle with them. It could encourage them to lick us over and over to get our attention towards them.

So, ignore it. Don’t sway towards their needs; instead, don’t bother taking notice of their slobbery kisses. 

  • Redirect Them

Now that you’re ignoring the puppy’s licks, pick it further up by redirecting their kisses to something else. Such as; you could give them a treat, a chew toy, or a bone.

That will take his mind off of licking you and keep him occupied for some time.

  • Change Your Body Scent Or Get A Wash 

If the canine is licking you due to the salty sweat on your body or the scent, alternating them discourages your dog from licking you. 

  • Use Bitters

It is an effective and fast way to unhook your doggo from licking you. These sprays are non-toxic and have a disgusting taste. They will stop the doggo from licking you further. 

Other than these, give voice commands to control the pup. If he obeys, appreciate his good behavior. 

We hope you have found answers to why does my dog lick me and nobody else? We’ll see you next time with another interesting article. Until then, goodbye!

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