What Kind Of Ears Do Rat Terriers Have? Floppy Or Stand-Up?

What Kind Of Ears Do Rat Terriers Have? Floppy Or Stand-Up?

Have you ever heard of Rat Terriers? Rat Terriers are a member of the Terrier family. One of their most eye-catching features is their ears. Let’s find out about Rat Terrier’s ears through this article.

The name Rat Terrier is given because they are very potent small animal (rat, squirrel) hunters. They are small, energetic, and adorable beings to be with. They have unique features that can bind any person’s heart.

Rat Terrier’s ears are unique to them. How can their ears be unique? Shall we find out about the specialty of Rat Terrier ears?

What kind of ears do Rat Terriers have?

The significant feature of Rat Terrier’s ears is that they are stand-up ears. Their ears are mostly erect. More than ¾ of Rat Terriers have prickly stand-up ears.

There is another interesting fact about Rat Terrier ears. Do you know what kind of ears they have at birth? The unusual thing is they are born with standing-up ears.

But just when they begin to open their eyes, Rat Terrier’s ears drop and become floppy. Then after a few weeks or months, They become standing up and erect again.

Fascinating to see, isn’t it? I think it is intriguing to see How their ears change with age. After standing up at a few months of age, most Rat Terrier ears stay erect for the rest of their lives.

Do Rat Terriers have floppy ears?

Yes, of course. Some Rat Terriers have floppy ears. It’s not abnormal. It’s instead a bit less common than stand-up ears.

Just like I said, the floppy ears of Rat Terriers tend to change into stand-up ones after three to four months of age. But this is not the case for some Rat Terriers. Their ears stay floppy and won’t turn back into erect ones.

If your puppy’s ears didn’t change into stand-up ears, there is no need to worry. It’s normal. Rat Terriers are adorable with both floppy and stand-up ears.

How long does it take for a Rat Terrier’s ears to stand up?

After turning into floppy ears a few weeks after birth, their ears turn back to stand-up ears. How long does it take? As for the records, It will usually take about three to five months for the ears to stand up.

This is for the majority of Rat Terrier puppies. Some can take more time, and some can take less time. Some puppy’s ears won’t stand up at all.

Do Rat Terrier ears always stand up?

The answer is no. As I previously mentioned, not all Rat Terrier ears stand up. Some stay down for all their lives. Even though it’s less common than stand-up ears, it is very natural. It depends on the genetics and family of the dog.

Now you know that Rat Terrier comes with both stand-up and floppy ears. But did you know that some easy processes can change the ear position?

Let’s say your puppy has floppy ears, and you want them to stand up. Some veterinarians and breeders suggest that chewing toys can help a puppy’s ears to be erect.

By continuously chewing on these toys, the jaw muscles and muscles of the base of the ear of the puppy are strengthened. This encourages the development of ears, making them stand up. But you have to keep in mind that this won’t work every time.

And if your puppy has stand-up ears and you want them to stand up, you can use bandages. You can easily bind a bandage to the top of the puppy’s ears.

You should let the large portion of the dressing hang down from the ear. The weight of the application will gently pull the ears downwards, making floppy ears. You must be careful not to pull dog hair down; otherwise, it will hurt your Terrier.

I think the shape of your Terrier’s ears doesn’t matter much. They are adorable with either type. There is not much difference between them.

 But did you know that when we consider the ear health of the animal, there can be a difference? We all know that ear infections are widespread among dogs, no matter the breed.

And it is a fact that dogs with floppy ears are more prone to ear infections than stand-up eared ones.

So if your Rat Terrier has floppy ears, you need to be extra careful. Cleaning your dog’s ears frequently can help you fight against these infections.

How to clean? You must be wondering. You have to fill the dog’s ear canal with a cleaning solution. Then you can try massaging the ear canal from the outside.

After that, you should wipe the canal with gauze. Using cotton or paper towels is not advisable because they can leave residues behind.

After reading this article, I’m sure you are now interested in Rat Terrier. If you wish to adopt or buy a Rat Terrier, first you should get a decent idea of them. Here is some information about them.

There are common health concerns about Rat Terriers. They don’t get sick frequently. Also, due to their short fur coat, they are effortless to groom. You will only have to brush them weekly.

Rat Terriers are naturally very energetic dogs. So they seek daily activities. It’s better to take him for walks or play with him daily. Rat Terriers are intelligent animals.

So they are easily trainable. But sometimes, Rat Terriers can be a little stubborn. They are also very affectionate animals, so they work well with kids making them a perfect family pet.

Now you know almost everything about Rat Terriers and their unique ears. Having a pet is not easy; it’s a huge responsibility.

And if you are willing to take that responsibility, Rat Terriers can be the perfect friend for you. And if you already have a Rat Terrier, I think it’s admirable that you research your dog and want to know more about them. Let’s take great care of our dogs and treat them as our own family.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed. Have a wonderful day!


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