Why Does My Dog Lick Me More Than Anyone Else? Reasons Explained

Why Does My Dog Lick Me More Than Anyone Else? Reasons Explained

Even though dogs were wild animals before humans tamed and domesticated them, they are a very loyal, protective, and loving set of animals. Dog lovers worldwide make up a more significant proportion of pet parents in the world.

The ways that they show love and affection vary in many ways, from dog to dog. But something that has never changed since day one is their habit of licking their loved ones. Yet there are some concerns about this instinctive habit for many dog parents around the globe.

So, Why does my dog lick me more than anyone else? It’s not uncommon for dogs to show the person they love some increased affection. Also, it’s natural for him to interact with the closest person to him amongst a bunch of others: sometimes, there are chances for your pet to ignore everybody around him except you.

It’s the same when his instinctive licking behavior is considered. If your pet is licking you over and over more than he does with anybody else, it’s normal for you to get doubts.

Let’s explore this topic further and understand it in-depth!

What Does It Mean When A Dog Licks A Person A Lot? 

Dogs lick people for many different reasons. But a few frequently come up as reasons for this problem; “why does my dog lick me more than anyone else?” 

Suppose a dog likes to lick a specific person a lot. In that case, he might be seeking attention, loves that person’s taste or smell, showing love and gratitude, or having obsessive-compulsive behavior (even though it’s rare, it’s still a possibility). This pet could also be suffering from stress or anxiety. 

These are the most outstanding reasons why a dog licks a particular person a lot amongst a sea of others.

When a dog is seeking attention or trying to get you to pet him, the canine will usually nudge and lick you until he gets what he wants.

He also does this when he wants to show his love towards you or say thank you. Because dogs can’t talk, licking is the best way for them to convey their thoughts to you. 

Many dog parents used to translate these slobbery licks as dog kisses. They play and encourage their pets to lick them, too. But, you still need to pay attention to this habit because dogs lick people to release build-up stress and anxiety. 

You might need to take precautions if he starts overdoing this. Since it could have strings attached with those underlying diseases, it’s wise to consult a doctor and take advice or proper medicine for your canine if you see red flags. 

Why Does My Dog Lick Me More Than Anyone Else? 

Imagine that you own a dog, and he is very close to you. You’re the one who does everything, including making his food, feeding him, bathing and grooming him, playing, and taking him on walks. Then, it’s natural and unsurprising that the canine is much closer to you. 

A dog this close to you will pay more attention to you, show you more affection, and obey you at once.

Therefore, don’t be surprised if your dog licks you more than anyone else or is not licking anybody else. Because you’re the one he loves, even after playing, having meals, or small naps, he’ll look for you and lick your feet, hand, etc. That’s how he shows his love and affection for you. 

Let us tell you another reason for your question, “why does my dog lick me more than anyone else?” 

Do you usually smell divine? 

Does your perfume, body lotion, or the shower have a beautiful smell that’s attractive to anybody? 

Then the doggo might also be attracted to that. Moreover, if you usually have lotion on your hands with a mouth-watering smell and taste, he’ll start licking that off you greedily. 

My dog, Sparkles, whenever I go out, especially if I touch or even stay in the vicinity of another canine, will get the smell of that dog.

Then, I only get to move after he’s done with his investigation and decides whether I’m innocent or not. If he decides I’m not, he’ll leave me and ignore me for a few moments until he forgets that I committed a crime by touching another puppy.

This investigation is long. Ultimately, I’ll be slobbered down with so much saliva that I will have to rewash myself.

Why Does My Dog Keep Licking Me? 

As I always said, dogs lick people for various reasons. But, we start getting concerned about this behavior when our pets start overdoing it.

Anxiety, stress, and obsessive-compulsive behavior will make dogs lick their owners nonstop like they are addicted to this habit. 

If you think he might be suffering from an underlying problem and is trying to convey his discomfort to you or trying to soothe himself by licking the person he’s most close with, you better make quick decisions and get him the help he needs. 

Many dog owners translate these slobbery licks as loving kisses. It’s sweet and lovely to think that your pet is trying to say “I love you, mummy” repeatedly. But, it can take abrupt turns if you neglect the nonstop licks you get from your pet. 

No dog parent likes to think they are getting these slobbery kisses due to an underlying medical. But imagine what would happen if you neglect this, and your doggo’s mental health deteriorates to the maximum level. He’ll never be the same again. 

Stress and anxiety change your canine’s behavior and turn him upside down before you even realize it.

Therefore you must pay close attention to everything your pet does and take immediate actions to eliminate and rescue him from whatever makes him uncomfortable and unhappy. 

That’s all you need to know if you’re sweeping the internet and other sources for answers for “why does my dog lick me more than anyone else?’. If you have any questions or doubts regarding your canine, don’t forget to forward them to us. 

We will give you the best possible answer to your question and post them on our website for all the dog parents to see.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed. Have a wonderful day!


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