I Hit My Dog, And He Peed; Why Is That?

I Hit My Dog, And He Peed; Why Is That?

When dogs do something terrible, hitting them is common among many dog parents. But when we do that, there could be many unexpected outcomes. Some of them are that our dog could get aggressive, sad, scared, or even pee. But why do dogs pee when you hit them? 

I hit my dog, and he peed; why? He might be trying to point out that he poses no threat to you. Some dogs pee accidentally out of fear, and rarely there could be some four-footers who pee out of anger.

Why Do Dogs Pee When They Get Hit?

Are you also a confused dog parent wondering if I hit my dog and he peed suddenly? There could be different meanings to why your dog peed. 

  • He Automatically Peed While You’re Hitting Him

If your dog unintentionally peed while you were still hitting, it might be that he was scared to the point that he peed automatically.

Punishing your dog again for this doesn’t seem right because he’s already afraid of you. 

  • To Show That He Poses No Threat 

Your pet is waving a white flag to show that he means no harm to you. He’s politely asking you not to hurt him, so stop. Don’t hit your dog to punish him. 

  • He’s Angry That You Hit Him

Did your pet deliberately pee before you and leave without a second look? Did he pee on something that belongs to you? Then you’ve got a dog with a grudge. Of course, when a dog does this, as rarely it may be, he’s angry at you for hitting him.

These are the main three reasons why a dog pees when its owner hits the dog. Although all three look alike, carefully identify the reason behind your pet’s peeing before taking action. 

I also like to point out that hitting your dog is not the only way to stop him from misbehaving. There are several other ways to get him to be a good boy through positive reinforcement. 

Hitting your pet might give you unexpected results, like ending up with a scared, fearful dog or an aggressive dog.

Therefore, always remember that hurting your dog isn’t the option, but there are many other ways to train the pet to be good.

Do Dogs Pee For Revenge When You Hit Them?

Yes. Some hot-headed dogs pee when they are angry at you. 

I once had a dog, another dachshund, the older brother of the doggo I have now. Even though he left us, unfortunately, memories of his mischievousness are still with us. 

He was a dog who peed to get revenge. I have never hit him; therefore, it was never why he peed. It only happened once when one of my friends visited me at home. And I had to chain my dog, Shiver because he won’t stop trying to bite my friend. 

To this date, I have got no idea why he resented my friend that much. But his aggressive behavior left me with no choice but to put him on the leash.

I have never put a leash on him except when going out for a walk. Then when I was securing his leash to the pole in the backyard, he peed on my leg. 

I was angry about what he did for a moment, but then I understood that Shiver was very angry for putting him on the leash. And now he’s taking his revenge on me. 

So, yes. If you’re worried that “I hit my dog, and he peed,” remember that your pet might be taking revenge on you for hitting him. While this may be true, again, I press that you need to properly analyze and identify why your doggo peed in the first place. 

Even though you’re here thinking he’s just a bad, hot-headed dog trying to take vengeance for what you did, he might also be doing that out of fear of showing submissiveness.

Therefore, you need to examine his behavior very closely before deciding why he did what he did. It is crucial for the relationship between the dog and you.

Do Dogs Pee If They Are Scared When You Hit Them?

I hit my dog, and he peed. Are you trying to find out the reasons behind this? Did it ever cross your mind that your pet might be scared of you? 

A fearful dog might be unable to hold on and will release his bladder unintentionally. This fear you’re instilling in your pet could bring unexpected turns in your relationship with the pet. He might become aggressive or scared of you to the max. 

And then, when trying to do the damage control, it might get even more complex. You will even have to go the extra mile and consider professional help. Therefore stop being a scary person in front of your dog that hurts him. 

Dogs are fun-loving animals and could become mischievous at times. Being their guardians, we must have the patience and the utmost self-control to train them not to be bad.

They look up to us as their leader, always there to protect them from getting hurt. But what will your innocent pet’s thoughts be if that person is hurting them by hitting them?

How To Stop A Dog From Misbehaving Without Punishing Them? 

Punishing is not the only way to shape your friend’s behavior. If you keep hitting him, thinking it stops him from being bad, you will ultimately be left with nothing other than thinking, “I hit my dog, and he peed.”

The following are a few methods you could use to train your dog without wing punishments. 

  1. Put your dog in a time out
  2. Show them a suitable alternative
  3. Use positive reinforcement methods
  4. Use voice to let your dog know what he’s doing is bad
  5. Avoid giving them attention when being bad

Hitting and hurting your dog could give birth to trust issues. These issues will stop you and the pet from having a healthy relationship.

Therefore, we never recommend hitting or hurting your canine in any form while trying to behave them well. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts.


  • Dominic Parker

    Dominic P. is a dog behavioral researcher who graduated from the University of Surrey and holds BVMsi (Hons) in Veterinary Medicine and Science. He has been around dogs since childhood and has unconditional love for dogs. It makes him become a researcher instead of practicing as a veterinarian. Dominic enjoys his work and likes to share his findings with dog parents to give them a better understanding of dogs’ behaviors.

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