How To Make A Dog Not Scared Of You? Simple Guide

How To Make A Dog Not Scared Of You? Simple Guide

Naturally, dogs are a fierce species. They are loyal and affectionate but don’t back down when someone threatens them or their owner. Often there are many cases where you might have to deal with a scared dog. He could be a rescued dog or a dog abandoned by his owner.

So, how to make a dog not scared of you? Never approach the dog in hassle. It will only make him more afraid. Avoid eye contact and approach the canine. But don’t talk or get unnecessarily closed and try to touch him; keep some distance and let him calm down for a moment. Then if you have, hold out some tasty treats. Put them on the ground and allow the dog to reach for them.

Dealing with a scared dog can be tricky. Your first impression would make a lasting one on the dog’s mind. Therefore, getting off on the right “paw” is vital. So, keep reading!

Why Do Dogs Scare You?

Many reasons could make your dog scared of you. But if you adopted a shelter dog or an abandoned dog, he could have had a history of abuse or mental damage.

Apart from that, if your dog is suddenly afraid of you, you might have to reconsider your actions and behavior. If the dog is naturally shy, he could get scared of everything, too.

Followings are a list of things you will do intentionally or not that will scare your dog to interact with you.

  • Negative punishment during training
  • You accidentally hurt him
  • Family members are constantly stressed or fighting
  • Owners always raise their voice or scream when the pet’s around
  • The dog has a history of physical abuse
  • There are aggressive dogs around

The points mentioned above are some everyday things that make your dog scared of you or everybody around. 

You can identify a dog from his physical behavior. Sometimes, you might miss these subtle changes, but if you’re attentive to your dog, you will not, no matter how insignificant these changes are.

When a dog is scared of you, his ears will be down, pace around a lot, have his tail between the hind legs, and even be aggressive to you and anyone around.

Other than these, many other behavioral changes indicate your dog is scared. Such as;

  • Not accepting any tasty treats or food 
  • Pace around a lot
  • Yawning unnecessarily 
  • The hair on his neck will be raised 
  • Unintentional urination
  • Whining
  • Examining your behavior carefully
  • Will go away when you enter the room
  • Avoid eye contact with you

With these behaviors, it could be one or all of the above you can easily read as your dog is scared of you. 

As I stated in the beginning, dogs are very loyal and fierce. There should be a significant event out of his control and comfort zone to make him scared of you. 

If you get aggressive with him or raise your voice unnecessarily at your dog, it will make you his enemy, not his best friend.

But, if you’re newly adopting a dog with an abuse history, the situation will be much different than when you scare your own dog.

How To Make A Dog Not Scared Of You?

Our actions define the relationship we share with our dogs. If we act in an unhealthy way, the dog will get fearful and even aggressive. A fearful dog always tries to protect himself from getting hurt.

Therefore even if you’re trying to do something good out of pure intention, the dog will try to jump and bite a piece out of you.

That’s the expected behavior of an extremely fearful dog. There is much news from around the world about people that take their stress out on their pets.

No matter why those people did what they did, I personally never approve of hurting innocent animals.

Just imagine how many other culprits could be hurting animals that we call pets? But only a handful comes out to light.

With that said, let’s see how to make a dog not scared of you.

You’re the leader and the alpha of your dog. He’ll turn to you for love and protection when it’s needed.

Therefore if you’re acting in a way the dog can never turn to you when he needs you, he will feel alone and insecure, just like how an abused kid thinks about his parents. 

No matter how old you are, if you don’t have anyone by your side to guide and protect you, undoubtedly, you’ll feel the same.

Therefore you need to stop the following behavior to ensure a secure feeling in your pet and not make him scared of you. That’s how to make a dog not scared of you.

  • Be patient. Don’t get frustrated with your pet
  • Always don’t hesitate to show your love. The dog needs your attention
  • If the dog retreats to his “safe place,” don’t disturb him. Give him time
  • Don’t force your dog to do something, especially during training
  • If the dog is fearful, don’t raise your voice at the dog
  • Don’t use harmful punishment methods to correct your dog’s behavior

Love can conquer anything. If you want to behave your dog or stop him from doing something terrible, there are many training methods to instill good habits in your pet.

And when you’re trying to find answers to your problem with a family member, friend, or spouse, do it away from your pet dog.

Seeing his loved ones fighting could make the dog feel insecure, too. So that’s how to make a dog not scared of you.

How Do You Bond With A Dog That Is Scared Of You?

This question primarily arises in many pet lovers who are to adopt a rescued or abused dog. Therefore if you’re going to parent such a dog, you first need to gain his trust to make him not scared of you anymore. Yet, how do you bond with a dog who’s already scared of you?

Firstly, never loom over your pet. An anxious doggo will stress even more when you stand above him in an authoritative position. If you ever want to approach the canine, get down to his level first.

Next, please don’t do it straight, facing your dog directly. And eye contact will make your pet even more scared. Therefore, a side-turned position is the best way to get closer to the dog.

Avoid low, deep, and growling voices when talking to the scared puppy. Talk in a screeching high-pitched voice; that’s alright. The only thing is that the voice must be a soothing one that can give the dog a secure feeling.

Give him some tasty food. Take some food in your hand and put it down on the ground near the dog; let him get the food on his own. After doing this a few times, try offering treats with your hand.

Other than these, engage with your dog in many ways. Take him out on walks, play with him, and coo soothing words to him. Offering treats works even better.

Moreover, never punish the dog when he’s scared, and don’t force things. This way, within a few days to a month’s time, you’ll have a strong relationship with your pet.

And that, my dear reader, is how to make a dog not scared of you. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts.


  • Sofia Williams

    Sofia W. is a professional dog trainer who completed Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA and CPDT-KSA) certifications. Also, she has completed the Pet Nutrition Coach Certification. Sofia is interested in creating nutritious food formulas for dogs to give them a longer and healthier life. She believes food and training are a collective combination of a healthy dog. So, she is with us to share her expertise and knowledge with other dog parents.

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