Why Do Dogs Smell Your Private Parts? How To Stop?

Why Do Dogs Smell Your Private Parts? How To Stop?

We adore our dogs and love them to bits despite their flaws. But there are some characteristics in dogs that dog parents dread, and they always pray to god that their puppy will not start displaying these embarrassing moves in front of everyone gathered around. One such dog act is smelling our private parts.

So, Why do dogs smell your private parts? Dogs are capable of understanding a lot of information from smelling the private parts of the owner. Even though our body consists of many excretory places, our private parts are one of the main places in the human body. And these excretions have the ability to tell the dog everything about ourselves, including our health and mood at the moment.

Even though when dogs smell your private parts, you will get embarrassed and try to pry the dog’s nose out of you, he’s not doing this to mean any insult or to embarrass you.

It is just his way of getting to know you without talking with you. And for those looking for an in-depth, explained answer to why dogs smell your private parts, continue reading.

Why Do Dogs Smell Your Private Parts?

Sometimes we go to one of our friend’s houses and get greeted by an excited dog. He may start smelling you through your legs and feet, make his way up to your crotch, and try to smell you in front of everyone around you.

It will be no wonder feeling you embarrassed and uncomfortable and want to dissolve into a liquid. Still, you will also wonder why dogs smell your private parts.

Is it because you smell bad? Have you got so much sweat near this area, and is it giving out a pungent smell? Have you not washed enough? Let’s find out why.

As you know, our whole body consists of sweat glands, and the insides of our thighs will get a bit sweaty throughout the day. That and our armpits create the most pungent body odors in any person’s body.

Even though we feel these smells, we create embarrassment and try to hide them with perfume and deodorants; these odors are essential for dogs to identify that particular person.

Our pets have a nose 100,000 times more potent than the nose we have. So naturally, we can understand that they can smell much more than what we could identify with one whiff.

While we only get a pungent smell from our armpit sweats, one whiff of that will let our pets know everything about us, starting from;

  • Who we are
  • Who we were with before we came into the dog’s territory
  • How healthy we are
  • Our gender
  • Age
  • Our mood
  • And even if we had a physical connection with someone during the day

Dog experts have also found out that dogs identify their owners. Some of these things a dog can identify just by taking a whiff of you may even be bizarre and unthinkable.

But that is how strong their noses and the skill of identifying smells are. When they get a smell, they can break that smell down to every individual scent in them and identify all of these scents at once.

And that is why dogs are employed in detecting bombs and catching thieves, and humans are not even near as skilled as them.

How To Stop Your Dog From Smelling Your Private Parts?

This may catch other people’s attention around you and will make you wonder why dogs smell your private parts.

And when your own dog starts to do this whenever you get home after being somewhere else may make you even more uncomfortable.

So how do you stop your dog from smelling your private parts? Can you make them stop this embarrassing act? And is it okay not to let them smell you like this? The answer to these questions is yes. You can control your dog from smelling your private parts in many sustainable ways.

First, you can greet your dog or any other canine with your hand. Let them sniff your hand and gather much information as they need before coming straight to your crotch. After they are satisfied with all their sniffing, the dog will eventually retreat and let you be.

Next, you can train the dog to remain calm whenever they meet someone new. This way, the dog will stay at your heel when he sees someone new without running off to sniff crotches.

But to do this, you must ensure that the dog understands all the basic commands like come, sit, heal, and stop.

And when he comprehends these basic commands and is a very good obedient boy, you can command him to stop or heel near you whenever you see your dog running off to sniff other’s bums.

The last thing you want your dog to do is embarrass you in front of other people and look like a naughty puppy. But if you train him properly, you can clearly reduce these uncomfortable incidents.

But it would help if you also kept in mind when trying to figure out why dogs smell your private parts that this behavior is passed down for generations. It doesn’t mean that your pet is a pervert or trying to be naughty in one way or another.

It is simply that your pet or any other dog is naturally curious about you or any new visitor they get daily. And the best way to say hello and get to know their temperament and mood is to sniff the pheromones given out by the human body.

\And as I told you above, when explaining why dogs smell your private parts, there are two places in our body that give out a strong smell; the crotch and the armpits.

But obviously, these private parts are the best reachable point for a dog with a height difference. So don’t hate your pet for doing this.

Thank your for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner. See you next time!


  • Dominic Parker

    Dominic P. is a dog behavioral researcher who graduated from the University of Surrey and holds BVMsi (Hons) in Veterinary Medicine and Science. He has been around dogs since childhood and has unconditional love for dogs. It makes him become a researcher instead of practicing as a veterinarian. Dominic enjoys his work and likes to share his findings with dog parents to give them a better understanding of dogs’ behaviors.

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