Do Dogs Get Cold In The House? Keep Your Dog Warm At Home

Do Dogs Get Cold In The House? Keep Your Dog Warm At Home

We will adjust our thermostat levels a few times a day during the winter season. Sometimes, the heater may be too much even though it’s freezing outside. And sometimes, the house may be freezing because we have adjusted the temperature levels wrong. While we get cold inside some days, will our dogs also get cold inside the house? Let’s find out!

Do dogs get cold in the house? The thumb rule in this situation is that if you are feeling chilly, your dog is probably too. A dog’s body temperature hovers around 100⁰ Fahrenheit, which is pretty close to our body heat. So the answer to this is YES. They do get cold even when they are inside.

Do Dogs Get Cold In The House?

Whenever you are reaching for an extra blanket to cover yourself, you must keep an eye out for your dog. Because dogs have a body temperature of 100⁰ Fahrenheit, which is really close to humans, it means that if you’re cold, your dog may be too. 

Therefore, no matter whether you are inside a well-ventilated house with a preferable warmth radiated from the heaters, your pet can still be cold. 

And assume that you are going to change the thermostat levels again. In that case, you must always keep in mind to adjust it to match your needs as well as your dogs.

You may reduce the temperature as much as you wish if you have a well-coated dog like a husky or an Alaskan malamute at home. These dogs nicely match if where you are living has a colder climate.

But if your dog is of a breed such as a chihuahua, then you better not lower the temperature below 45⁰ Fahrenheit. 

And according to some dog experts, they recommend that you maintain a constant temperature indoors, despite how cold or dry the outside environment is.

Then your pet will get accustomed to this temperature over time and will not be feeling uncomfortable even if the weather outside changes.

What House Temperature Is Too Cold For Dogs?

The temperature levels where dogs feel cold are constant no matter where you are. Therefore, whether you are outside in the open air or indoors, your puppy will feel cold if the air around him has a temperature below 45⁰ Fahrenheit.

So no matter how much you crave a cold environment inside your house, you will not be able to take it below this level if you have a four-legged friend living in the same place as you. 

And if you knew the answer to the question that is on many dog parents’ minds when the days are getting dimmer and shorter – Do dogs get cold in the house? – you will not be changing it to a level below 45⁰.

Don’t let that smooth fur coat distract you. Of course, it will insulate our pets from the cold better than humans, but everything has a limit.

So, if your pet is not of a dog breed which is evolved to sustain itself in extreme colds, you better not drop the temperature below 45⁰.

And even if the house is warm in winter, give your puppy a fluffy and thick blanket to keep him warm. And put his bed in a cozy and warm corner if you have dedicated him a corner that is colder than the rest of the house.

How Do You Know If Your Dog Is Cold In The House?

I hope you have found the answer to the problem you had: Do dogs get cold in the house? But how do you identify a cold dog? Are there specific signs indicating he’s cold and uncomfortable? Let’s check it out!

When we are cold, we will shiver and look for warmer places to warm us up and regain our lost body heat. Just like that, your pet will shiver too. Sometimes, you may feel this under your touch and may even feel caught off guard. 

But don’t worry; your pup is shivering due to the cold, and as soon as you cover him up with something warm, he will feel much better. But you better hurry before he gets hyperthermia. 

Like that, our dogs will also look for warmer places to hide during the cold season. And once it catches your attention, you will see that the dog is not even as active as he did before.

He will always sleep to save his energy as well. Lethargy, slow or lack of movements, and becoming weak are also common signs of a cold dog.

How To Keep Your Dog Warm At Home?

The nights will get extremely cold and more brutal to handle if winter is winter. But once you fall asleep, you wouldn’t notice what is happening with your poor dog at night.

Whether he’s comfortable or having problems sleeping due to the extreme cold will go unnoticed because you’re already fast asleep. 

But there are some ways of keeping your dog warm and comfortable, even if you are not around, to keep a close eye on him. 

First, never leave your dog outside, even in his kennel, if the weather is cold and below 45⁰ Fahrenheit. It could be potentially lethal and expose your dog to a fatal level of cold, and he will be susceptible to hypothermia or frostbite without you noticing. 

Next, you could opt to invest in a heatable pet bed for your best friend. This pet bed will prepare a much snuggly warm bed for your pet.

Throughout the night, you will be assured that your little pooch is sleeping peacefully with zero complications. 

You can give him some warm blankets and even a dog pajama if you can go all the way for your much-loved pet.

Raising his bed off the ground also works to keep his bed warm without letting the cold ground diminish the warmth inside. 

So this is the answer to your problem, do dogs get cold in the house? If you followed the details we provided here, you and your pet would enjoy the winter season without having to worry about freezing to the bone.

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