Any Good Of Dog Digging Repellent? - Facts And Buying Guide

Any Good Of Dog Digging Repellent? Facts And Buying Guide

The dog is one of the closest friends of people. Many people love to raise them not only to have a pet but also to have an excellent, close companion. But, sometimes this lovely friend will create a mess in your place.

Digging holes in the garden is one of the common destructive behaviors of many dogs. So, dog digging repellent is very useful here. Therefore, this article is all about dog digging and the means of repelling them. 

Are dog digging repellents useful? We can give a short answer as; yes. It is helpful because; digging holes does not only disturb the beauty of your yard, it also will create health problems for the dog, and you also will face physical damages due to the holes. There are many reasons behind this destructive behavior of dogs as; to release stress, boredom, to have the owner’s attention, etc. So, you can buy various means like; liquid repellents, ultrasonic animal repellents to deal with this.

Also, there are some natural and homemade things that you can test, like chili powder, vinegar, and ammonia. So, you do not want to worry about the dog digging because; you can control it.

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered the reasons for dog digging, why the repellent is useful here, and tips for buying them. Finally, I have provided some natural and homemade things that you can use as repellents to control the dog’s behavior.

Let’s get started!

What are the reasons for dog digging? 

Digging holes in the garden is common to many dogs. So, it is considered as a natural behavior of them. But, dog digging repellent is very important as it paves the way for many problems.

For that, we have to understand the definite reasons behind this behavior. Here, let’s discuss it in more detail. 

1. Releasing the stress of the dog

People engage in hobbies to release their stress. That means they use the hobby as a method to release their stress deviating from the regular busy lifestyle.

Likewise, the dogs also find various activities to get rid of the stress. Here, digging is one of the favorable and common choices of them, which bring pleasure in front of their restlessness and stress. 

This becomes a stress-releasing method, most of the time due to loneliness, anxiety, and being overwhelmed. Also, the lack of exercise and jealousy creates when you bring another pet dog to the house.

2. Genetics

Digging is a behavior that has been hidden inside the DNA of the dog. The capacity to dig varies from one breed to another, but the behavior is common to all breeds.

As an example, Jack Russell originated as a hunting dog. So, this comes from their instinct, and they love to dig more than the other breeds. 

3. Finding for the preys

There are wild incentives hidden in dogs, although they live in the house with you. Sometimes, those instincts are exposed as destructive behaviors.

So, they are likely to chase after prey whether they eat it or not. Accordingly, if it smells the scent of prey from the underground, they will certainly dig.

So, if your garden is full of many small animals like; gophers, bugs, etc., there is more possibility that your dog will dig.  

4. As a boredom releaser 

The dogs become destructive and tend to dig when they feel bored. If you have a hyperactive terrier-like jack Russell, it is no secret that it must always be engaging.

If not, they will find a way to be engaging. Digging will be at the top of their choices.

Many dogs feel bored because they do not feel physically and mentally stimulating. So, if you see that your dog digs holes in the yard, it will be the time to physically and mentally stimulate it with exercises.   

5. Desire to escape

Not only dogs, all animals like freedom. So, if your place is surrounded and becomes an obstacle for the dog to flee freely and go out, of course, it will try to find another way for it.

Maybe going through the underground will be their selection. Accordingly, if you find that your pet is always digging under or near the fence, it is a sign that it wants to go out of the place.

So, your careful attention is essential for the pet in that situation.

Why is the dog digging repellent useful? 

Many problems arise with digging holes by the dogs, although it is a common, natural behavior of many terriers. The risks are not only associated with them.

You also will face many difficulties with it. So, let’s see why repellent is important here by considering those problems. 

1. Risk of escaping

Dogs try to find their freedom if they notice that they do not get enough of it in the living space. Therefore, if there are obstacles like; fences, gates, and walls for sure they will try to escape from your house.

Here, when they are looking for another option, they will select digging. They will intend to release the obstacles by going through the underground.

Accordingly, the risk of escaping arises. This can be prevented by repelling the digging behavior of the dog. 

2. The nails of the dog will break

The dogs use their nails to dig the ground. So, it is not a secret that their nails will get damaged.

Sometimes, they will completely separate from the finger or partially damage. So, your attention to the pet is essential to avoid these risks. 

3. Damage the beauty of your yard 

When there are digging holes everywhere in your yard, it is great damage for its beauty. It also damages the quality and the neatness of your garden.

So you can use repellents here to prevent this destruction.

4. You will get injured when tripping in the holes

This risk involves both your dog and you. Especially when you have small children, pay careful attention to them to prevent their damages from tipping in the holes.

And the same fate will be around you also. Therefore, dog digging repellent is very useful here.

5. Exposing to harmful bacteria and parasites in the soil

This risk is also associated with both you and your pet. Here, when the dog is digging holes, they will directly contact the harmful bacteria and parasites in the soil.

And, when it comes to you and hanging around with the harmful bacteria and parasites, you also will be sick with them. Skin diseases, rashes, etc., will be the common results of this.

Tips for buying dog digging repellent

A dog digging repellent can be cited as; a specific product that is created to separate the dog from digging. There are many effective products that you can buy here.

So, let’s discuss them in more detail.

1. Ultrasonic animal repellent

This is a product that emits flashing LED lights and ultrasonic waves and disturbs the digging behaviors of the dog.

The product is not harmful to the environment, people or animals. So, you can plug the ultrasonic animal repellent into the ground or hang it on a wall or a fence.  

2. Liquid dog repellent

This is called critter ridder animal repellent, which is a liquid spray that lasts until 30 days. Here, you have to create a five-foot-wide perimeter and spray 3 full trigger blasts for every square foot.

This has been created to use on the lawn. Its order and taste repels animals because there are ingredients that dogs do not like; piperine, black pepper, capsaicin, etc. And, make sure to apply again after heavy rain.  

3. Granular dog repellent

This granular form product includes active ingredients like; black pepper, capsaicin, piperine, etc.

It also lasts for 30 days. Here, every 15 square feet that are being treated should spread a quarter pound of the product. 

4. Water sprinkler repellent

This product is very effective where the animal will move up to 35 feet away. It is also not harmful to the animals because; it only frightens them using a stream of water.

There are no chemicals included, and you can use it as an effective repellent with a pure and completely natural substance. 

Natural and homemade things that can be used as dog digging repellent

Digging holes is a common problem of many dog owners. So, they are looking for dog digging repellent means for easier and cheaper prices.

Accordingly, here I will focus on some homemade things for this problem that will be effective for you. 

1. Cayenne spray

You have to make a mixture of 1:10 (cayenne: water) and spray it over the areas where the dog digs in your garden.

Make sure not to make the mixture too concentrated because cayenne is harmful to the pet’s sensitive nose, eyes, and throat. But do not worry; your dog will not come to this area to make contact with cayenne.

2. Vinegar

Dogs are very sensitive to various smells with their sensitive noses. And they will not forget the places with irritating substances to him. The smell of vinegar is not favorable to them.

So, you can spread some cotton balls that are soaked in vinegar within the areas that it usually digs. And, do not spray it directly to the grass or plants as it will kill them.

3. Essential oils

This includes certain oils like; cinnamon, eucalyptus, or sour apple. You can mix them with water and spread them in the areas you need your pet to stop reaching. 

4. Chilli powder

This is a very effective dog repellent. It is very much irritating for the dog’s nose.

So, you should spread some chili powder around the plants you want to protect from your dog. It will deter its reach towards them.

5. Ammonia

The smell of ammonia will be an effective repellent for the destructive behaviors of your pet in the yard. So, you should spread some cotton balls that have been soaked in ammonia around the places where you want to keep contact with the dog.

Also, keep some wood chips along the fence to hold the scent of ammonia for some time. Accordingly, the pet dog will not reach the fence with the ammonia smell and will not dig there. 

6. Citrus

You can also stop your dog’s arrival to the places in the yard by spreading citric fruits like; lemons, oranges, limes, etc., after cutting them into pieces.

Conclusion –  Any good of using dog digging repellent?

We have discussed; are dog digging repellent useful with more details in this article. I think this article will work out for all the dog owners as I have covered some important areas like; what are the reasons for dog digging, why do the repellent are useful here and tips to buy them. Finally I have provided some natural and homemade things that you can use as repellents to control this behavior of the dog.

Dogs are lovely pets to be raised in houses. But, sometimes, they will show destructive behaviors like digging for many reasons such as; taking your attention to them, releasing boredom, stress, and so on.

So, it will create many problems like; the risk of escaping, the dog’s nails will break, damaging the beauty of your yard, etc. Accordingly, the need for dog digging repellent arises. You can try; ultrasonic animal repellent, liquid dog repellent, granular dog repellent as effective means.

And, there are some homemade things also that can be used as successful methods here, like; chili powder, citrus, ammonia, vinegar. So, do not worry if your dog digs holes in your garden; you can control it successfully. 

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.

Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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