Recommended Dog Foods To Avoid Health Issues

Recommended Dog Foods To Avoid Health Issues

When you start the job as a dog parent, you take on a lot of responsibility. Giving your dog a well-balanced diet is one of them, as it will help him stay healthy and active.

But which kind of dog food is best for your dog? Following days of research, we have created a list of the top 10 dog foods below to help in your decision.

Low Budget Range Dog Foods

PEDIGREE Complete Nutrition Adult Dry Dog Food, Roasted Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Flavor is one of the most popular options for pet owners looking for budget-friendly recipes out there! It mostly contains plant-based proteins, omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, whole grains, etc., to support healthy skin and coat and healthy growth.

However, the choice of whole grain corn as the primary protein source is debatable because it can lead to gas and bloating even though there are no artificial flavors or added sugar.

You can’t identify possible allergens in meat and bone meal because it has no clear source and can be from anything, including chicken, lamb, beef, turkey, pigs, sheep, or goats.

Soy and corn gluten meal can also make some dog breeds’ skin itch. But it is a reasonably priced way of getting a high-protein diet for the dogs, so that is something to consider.

Wag Dry Dog Food, which is owned by Amazon, is one of the more affordable options available that is comparable to Blue Buffalo. Chicken and Brown Rice is the most popular choice, with other alternatives like Salmon, Beef, and Lamb. However, it does not cater to different dietary requirements.

Wag Dog Food, Chicken, and Brown Rice have chicken with omega-3 fatty acids, whole grains, antioxidants, Vitamin A, calcium, phosphorous, glucosamine, DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), etc. for enhanced cognitive abilities, healthy bones and joints, lustrous skin and coat, and immune system support. 

It does not contain by-product meals such as corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, or preservatives, but using brewer’s yeast and pea protein has been controversial due to their low nutritional value.

However, most pet owners prefer Wag Dry Dog Food since it is cheaper, and it has been reported that picky eaters were happy with this alternative.

With its beautiful motto “Pet food made by pet people,” Canidae All Life Stages Premium Dry Dog Food is another one of the best budget-friendly dog foods out there, the most popular being the Chicken Meal and Rice Formula and other alternatives like Turkey and Lamb.

It is made with high-quality ingredients, including chicken, whole grains, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, antioxidants, and probiotics. It is therefore guaranteed to keep your dog healthy by strengthening his immune system, improving digestion, and giving him beautiful skin and coat. 

You don’t have to worry about allergies because it doesn’t contain by-product meals like corn, wheat, soy, or other fillers.

Although dog owners like its low cost, the 53% carbohydrate content is debatable, with brown rice, oatmeal, peas, barley, sorghum, and lentils as its main carb components, so it might not be good for dogs with stomach sensitivities.

Mid Budget Range Dog Foods 

Victor Super Premium Dog Food is made for all those active adult dogs and growing puppies of all sizes and breeds.

The most popular option is the Victor Super Premium Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food, with high levels of quality protein from beef, chicken, pork, and fish meals that can even be given to pregnant & lactating females as well. 

With only real meat, gluten-free grains, vitamins, minerals, and other essential fatty acids, it is packed with the VPRO Blend of ingredients for improved digestion, strong immune system function, and healthy skin and coat.

So, it is an affordable high-protein diet for your dog who has high physical stimulation. Unlike other dog food brands, the Victor Super Premium Hi-Pro Plus Dry Dog Food is controversy-free.

Still, the use of brewer’s yeast has been questioned because it can lead to allergies and stomach sensitivities in some dogs.

Purina Dog Food recognizes the high protein needs of every dog and understands that lean, active dogs thrive best when fed less.

The most popular option among pet owners is The Purina Pro Plan High Protein Dog Food with Probiotics for Dogs, Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula. Other options include salmon, turkey, lamb, and beef. 

With the combination of hard kibble and tender, shredded chicken for a variety of tastes and textures, it is a wonderful option for even picky eaters. Your dog will never get tired of it.

They were among the first dog food brands that promoted the benefits of live probiotics, along with Vitamin A and omega-6 fatty acids.

It is great for digestive health, particularly for dogs with gastric issues and bloating. However, it has by-product meals like corn, wheat, and soy, so you have to be cautious of any potential allergens.

Do you have a small dog that struggles to eat normal adult dog food? Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Small Paws for Small Breed Dogs, Chicken Meal & Rice Formula is a good choice because it is gentle on them and has smaller kibbles.

Regardless of breed, size, or age, this dog food brand uses science to address the unique nutritional needs of all dogs. 

This formula is designed with miniature/toy breeds in mind, with easily digestible real meat proteins like chicken or lamb, as well as antioxidants, omega-6 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamin E for lean muscle growth, immune system support, and for providing a shining, healthy coat.

Although it is vet-recommended, the 51% carbs content (including brewer’s rice, wheat, sorghum, soybean meal, and barley) and only 21% protein is heavily debated. Therefore, it might not be suitable for small dogs with food allergies.

We are all aware that wolves are the wild relatives of dogs. So why not provide them with all the necessary ingredients for a real boost?

Taste of the Wild Dog Food High Prairie Canine Formula, with major ingredients, including roasted bison and venison, to encourage lean muscle growth, is an excellent choice for keeping adult dogs’ energy levels up throughout the day and even for senior dogs with reduced mobility. 

It also includes omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, vegetables and fruits, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics, and proprietary K9 Strain probiotics, which are added after the kibble has been cooked.

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food is an excellent choice, especially for those who have food allergies, because it doesn’t contain any by-product meals like corn or wheat or any other artificial colors or preservatives. However, some dogs might not like the smell because it contains venison and bison.

High Budget Range Dog Foods

Nulo Freestyle Limited Ingredient All Breed Dog Food, just like the name suggests, has limited but high-nutrient ingredients, so it is an ideal option for adult dogs and puppies who should follow a simpler diet.

If your dog is allergic to other animal proteins, this should be your go-to dog food because salmon is the main ingredient. 

The grain-free kibble blend with more omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, fewer carbs, and low glycemic components encourage a healthy lifestyle, which is why many dog owners love it—even if it can be pricey and hard to find in stores.

Plus, it is free of artificial colors, preservatives, and by-product meals made from corn, tapioca, wheat, or soy.

It also contains patented GanedenBC30 probiotics and non-GMO expeller-pressed canola oil, which improves digestive health, supports the immune system, reduces gas and bloating, and also provides a lustrous coat.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food is appropriate for dogs of all breeds and sizes and those with special dietary needs. Chicken and Brown Rice are the most popular, with other alternatives like Beef, Fish, and Lamb.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult, Dry Dog Food, has a high protein content along with omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, vitamins, antioxidants, etc., to support a healthy coat and skin, enhance immunization, and help with muscle growth. 

Blue Buffalo Dog Foods are popular among pet owners because of the nutritional meal that is free of by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives.

It is an excellent choice for dogs with sensitive skin, especially those who experience itching problems. Although having LifeSource Bits is a plus, picky eaters might not enjoy it. Blue Buffalo Dog Food is also in the premium range, so it will be a bit expensive.

Are you looking for high-protein and all-natural dog food for your puppies and adult dogs? ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Dog Food can serve both as a topper for additional nutrients or as a completely fulfilling meal!

The best part about ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Dog Food is that it contains 96% free-range chicken, organs, bone, and New Zealand green mussels, along with real poultry heart and organic kelp, which can improve digestive health, promote brain health, and prevent heart diseases. 

It is also grain-free, contains no artificial flavors, and contains only a few low-carb ingredients, making it an excellent choice for dogs with food sensitivities and other allergies.

Another benefit is that ZIWI Peak Air-Dried Dog Food contains only selenium yeast, a natural anti-cancer supplement, unlike most other dog food brands. The drawback is the price, so if it is an issue, you can use it as a reward for training.


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