Do Dogs Get Cold At Night? Yes; But, You Can Do This!

Do Dogs Get Cold At Night? Yes; But, You Can Do This!

Let me ask you a quick question. How many nights have you woken up in the middle of the night and reached for an extra blanket? hasn’t this happened to you on multiple occasions on winter nights? So it is safe to assume that our furry friends do too. 

Do dogs get cold at night? The quick and most straightforward answer is yes. Most of the time, on nights when the temperature drops below 32 degrees, the pet will start feeling cold inside. In the simplest words, if you woke up cold at night, the chances are higher that your pup is too. 

Do Dogs Get Cold At Night?

Usually, our pets let us know how they are feeling. Just like when they want to go out to the washroom and when they are hungry, you will quickly pick up when they are cold too. But the signs are subtle, and the pet will not paw at you to tell you this. 

And most of the time, there is also a higher chance that you sleep soundly while they are feeling the chill. 

The answer to your question is whether dogs get cold at night, so please keep an eye out for the following signs whenever you can to ensure they are comfortable during colder nights. 

  • Shivering
  • Whimpering and barking
  • Walking around the house in search of warm corners
  • Being more agitated than usual
  • Distressed movements
  • Trying to get on to higher places to sleep

It is possible that you will be asleep during dogs undergo these signs. So, during colder nights, especially in winter, take action to prepare a warm and cozy bed for the pet.

It will keep the dog contended and comfortable throughout the night without your watchful eye on them. 

What Temperature Do Dogs Get Cold At Night?

So, does this have a number of when dogs might get cold at night? Most dog experts believe that dogs will start to feel chilly inside when the temperature is below 32 degrees outside.

Therefore, the climate will make them shiver if they don’t have proper shelter and a sleeping place to keep them warm throughout the night. 

But there is a better way to check if the dog is cold without repeatedly checking the temperature. It is simple. If it is cold for you, it is probably cold for your fluffy.

Therefore, next time you reach for that extra blanket, don’t forget to check on your pet. You might also have to provide some extra layers of insulation for them. 

Do Dogs Need Blankets At Night?

It doesn’t matter that your pet is wearing a fur coat year-round, 24/7. They still get cold since even that fur coat has a level of battling colds for the pet. Therefore, having a warm blanket will give them an extra layer of protection, just in case. 

Moreover, despite the weather condition, you can provide blankets for puppies, senior dogs, sick fluffies, etc., to give them a feeling of a cozy warm nest. It will also give them a feeling of protection when they are sleeping alone at night. 

Therefore, yes, dogs do need blankets at night. Although it is not a must, it will make them comfortable and ease your mind. Therefore, you will not be worried about whether dogs get cold at night anymore. 

How Can I Keep My Dog Warm At Night?

When trying to figure out do dogs get cold at night, this is one of the essential things to consider. If you have no idea about how to make a dog warm at night, you may not be able to keep them comfortable. So let me tell you how you can keep your canine warm during cold nights. 

First, opt for a thicker dog bed without giving the pet a thin bed. This way, the bed interferes between the cold floor and the dog’s body.

Moreover, if you have some cash to spare for your dog’s well-being, you may even buy him a heated dog bed

These beds have built-in heaters that you can switch on with a preset timer. Adjust the heat level you need, and your pet will sleep on a heated bed afterward. 

And did you know that stuffed toys that your dogs play with can keep your pet warm? That’s right! So, without putting away the fluffy’s toys, let him cuddle with them at night. It will act as an added layer of insulation for the pet. 

Another thing you could do to keep the dog warm at night is repositioning the bed to somewhere warmer. If the bed is near a window, right under an air vent, or a door that leads out, moving that is the best thing to do. 

And if you have seen signs of a cold dog, you must have already noticed that they try to stay out of cold floors.

The dog may even get onto your designer couch that you have deemed off-limits for them. It shows that the pet is uncomfortable sleeping in his regular bed, which always connects with the cold floor. 

So hoist the bed a few inches above the ground. You can buy a stand for your pup’s bed or a dog bed with legs. And let me tell you something that will be interesting for you and your pet.

Cover up the dog’s bed with a blanket to resemble a den if you can. Dogs love to sleep in corners and under furniture. It will not only keep the pet warm, but it will also give him an added feeling of protection as well. 

 So, here are the answers to the problem that was messing with your head; Do dogs get cold at night? We hope that with this information, you will be able to make your pet’s life a little bit easier and more comfortable.

Thank you for reading this article! Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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