Teaching Recall To A Stubborn Dog - Complete Guide

Teaching Recall To A Stubborn Dog – Complete Guide

If you think that all dogs have the same personality despite their breed, age, or gender; then you are wrong. The same litter may consist of very obedient puppies, while some are stubborn to the max.

Some dogs are easier to train, while some breeds are extremely hard to train because of their low IQ. Among these problems, if you have a stubborn dog, sometimes you may even reconsider why you decided to be a dog parent, especially when teaching recall to a stubborn dog. 

What should you consider when teaching recall to a stubborn dog? When a dog doesn’t come back at once when you say “come,” it is regarded as a bad recall. But you can strengthen your recall by not calling his name more than once, rewarding him generously, or even simply walking away if he seems to ignore all your recalling attempts. 

Recall, or the “come” command, is the most critical command in training a dog. But if your boy is stubborn and tends to do whatever he wants, then this command will often be ignored.

But since this command contains most of the control of your dog, it is imperative that you strengthen your recall orders. 

But there is nothing to worry about now because you are at the right place to learn ways of teaching recall to a stubborn dog. 

What Do I Do If My Dog Doesn’t Respond To Recall?

Stubborn dogs are one of a kind. Sometimes they will make you laugh so hard with their behavior. But most of the time, it will be the exact opposite.

Despite your canine’s stubbornness, you can still correct him with patience and extensive training. And this is much more of a fitting time for the phrase “patience is a virtue.”

When the dog starts not to react to your recall, the first thing to do is stay calm. If you lose your relaxed stance and start yelling at the dog, you will give him more reasons to ignore your recalls. 

You might be in a dire situation, and the anger is bubbling inside you, but losing your character will only worsen things. To make amends for the situation, you can have some treats with yourself. Being prepared will be the best if you know your fluffy friend’s personality

And show him his favorite snack, and the dog will come to you like a metal piece being attracted to a magnet. 

And if you know that you will have to face the consequences while on walks, always keep him on a leash. Letting him off the leash will prove to be a dire mistake. And I’m sure you already have experienced it first hand. 

How To Teach Recall To A Stubborn Dog?

If you have a stubborn fluffy, one of the most considerable doubts on your mind will be what to do when teaching recall to a stubborn dog. 

And as I said before, being patient and having treats work best to allure your dog to you. 

The treats will be something worth his while since he enjoys them all the time. And teaching recalls a stubborn dog while rewarding him with snacks; when better performed, he will start obeying you to get the treat.

But if you lose your cool and start to act out, that will give your pet more reasons to ignore you. 

And then, remember to use his name sparingly when you try to recall your pet more than a few times. Your pet must not ignore anyone when his name is called.

And if you use his name more than once when teaching recall to a stubborn dog, he will think it is okay not to react to his name. 

Next, you can try the technique of ignoring and walking away. Please don’t overdo it when the dog is not listening to you when you give him the command to come to you. Simply stop calling him.

And for sure, the dog will stop and see why you suddenly stopped giving him attention. After that, try looking away. Don’t look at the dog and appear to ignore him as well. 

But when you are doing this, ensure to keep an eye on him secretly. If that also doesn’t work, the next thing on the line is fake abandoning him.

You can appear to walk away without the pet. This will give him the impression that you are leaving him because he’s not being a good fluffy. And when he comes near enough, you can take him on the leash. 

These are some of the tried and true methods of teaching recall to a stubborn boy. But you may improve your techniques, and you’re your personal method of recalling him. My only request is always to be patient and never harm the dog. 

How Long Does It Take Teaching Recall To A Stubborn Dog?

If you have a stubborn doggo, I wouldn’t be surprised if you put effort into checking how long this would take. Having a determined boy is indeed embarrassing – sometimes – and exhausting all the time.

But the time you must concentrate on teaching recall to a stubborn dog, you must know that it depends on how smart he is. Gender, bread, and age are also some of the things that influence how long it takes for you to teach the recall command to your pooch. 

Either way, all the dogs take around three to six months of recall training before they get the hang of it entirely.

During this period, if you know about the best techniques for teaching recall to a stubborn boy and have some much-needed patience, then it will take much less time for the dog to understand what “come” means. 

So have some patience. You will not accomplish anything if you let your anger get the best of you. 


  • Dominic Parker

    Dominic P. is a dog behavioral researcher who graduated from the University of Surrey and holds BVMsi (Hons) in Veterinary Medicine and Science. He has been around dogs since childhood and has unconditional love for dogs. It makes him become a researcher instead of practicing as a veterinarian. Dominic enjoys his work and likes to share his findings with dog parents to give them a better understanding of dogs’ behaviors.

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