How To Get Your Dog Back In Shape After Having Puppies?

How To Get Your Dog Back In Shape After Having Puppies?

Despite how wonderful it is, pregnancies bring many hard strains on girls, especially their bodies. The nutrition they get through their daily meals will be tracked back to the babies. Let’s find out how to get your dog back in shape after having puppies.

So, the mother will get much hungrier than before. After the delivery, even though they’ll be relieved, their bodies will change considerably. So who says it’s not the same to our canine girls too? 

Hence, how to get your dog back in shape after having puppies? Daily exercising, a suitable nutritious diet, and keeping her stress free will help bring her back to normal. A mom dog goes through lots of pain and anxiety during pregnancy and while giving birth. So after her body changes in all possible ways.

After the stressful few months the mommy dog goes through before the delivery, her body may change in two ways. Either she’ll put on too much weight or loose a lot. So it’s vital that you work to get her back in shape according to the situation. 

Does A Female Dog Change After Having Puppies?

Yes. They do start to change in personality and physically both. Let’s see in detail how and why these changes happen. 

  • Physical changes

A mommy doggo’s body goes through immense stress and pain during the pregnancy, but it doesn’t end there. The delivery of puppies is yet to come.

During the pregnancy, the girl could eat a lot; true, she has to eat for a dozen lives. Or, it will be hard to get her to hear even a measles. So, after the delivery, she’ll either be fatty or thin like a stick. 

Either way, her body has been changed, including her nipples. They would gradually enlarge during the pregnancy and noticeably change after the puppies are born and feed off their mother.

  • Personality changes

Like humans, your big girl will go through many mood swings after she’s conceived. It happens mainly due to heightened hormones in the pet’s body.

She’ll be clingy at times and won’t leave you alone. That’s how she’ll ask for your support and attention. 

On the other hand, she could also be swiftly irritable, retract to a corner, and spend most of her time there.

Yet again, after the babies are born, the mommy-dog will be much more aggressive towards strangers (and you, too) who get close to her pups, especially if it’s her first pregnancy.

Even though you should expect these changes, how to get your dog back in shape after having puppies? Especially her physical form. We’re talking about this problem in today’s article. 

Do Female Dog’s Bodies Go Back To Normal After Pregnancy? 

Once again, the answer to this is that it’s the same as us humans. When a mom gives birth to a baby, the pregnancy changes her body.

Eventually, the big-sized belly will shrink, and the body will come back to normal. But to get the previous curves and shapes, you have to do some work. 

Despite being fat or skinny, mommy dog’s body could return to how it originally was with a proper diet plan and an exercise routine.

But don’t expect 100%. You need to understand that your baby is now a mom. She won’t be model-like anymore.

After giving birth, her teats will stay swollen for a long time. Puppies will be feeding on breast milk until they are fully weaned.

So until then, the teats of the female dog will be providing for her pups 24/7. So these swollen looks will be there permanently. 

The rest of the body will go back to normal at almost 90%. But with proper diet, exercise, hygiene care, and you being cautious about mastitis (mammary glands getting bacterial infections) and eclampsia (milk fever), your girl can attain the fullest potential of her body.

Why Are Dogs Skinny After Giving Birth?

It’s natural for the new mom to lose a few pounds after the pregnancy. Hence, her need for proper and high nutrition will significantly increase. Why? 

Because now your girl will be nourishing her litter with her milk. To do that, she needs to be energized and adequately fed. This time is when your pet will lose most of her weight.

Still, you can minimize this harm if you provide her with two or three high nutritious meals throughout the day. 

Also, this depends on how many puppies she popped. Further, don’t forget to have a clean bowl of drinking water every time at the reach of the mom.

She needs a lot of liquids to produce the amount of milk for all her kids. So yes, naturally, doggo-moms get skinnier when they start milking. 

So, this is how to get your dog back in shape after having puppies, especially if she’s skinny.

How To Get Your Dog Back In Shape After Having Puppies?

Now, this is the real question. How do you get back your dog to look how it was before pregnancy and after giving birth? Without further ado, let’s see how you could do this.

  • A High-Quality Exercise Routine 

Let me give you some surprising news. You can start exercising your girl 24-48 hours after the delivery. Although that’s true, please don’t give her a heavy workout session right from the start.

First, start from a short walk, then work it up. A good exercise routine will help tighten her loose muscles and give a tighter, smaller look to her swollen teats.

A balanced metabolism will further fasten up how quickly she’ll get back to her old self.

  • Her Diet 

Make sure you give her a proper, nutritious meal every day. It should also complement how your pet’s weight has changed since pregnancy.

But, keep in mind that your girl needs a lot of nutrients that she’s feeding her babies. So be cautious on how you’re changing her daily calorie intake according to her weight changes.

  • Hygiene Comes First

Puppies and the momma dog are vulnerable to infections during the first few weeks. So always try to clean the mom’s teats, tail, and back legs.

Also, it would be best if you kept their whelping box clean from any soiled materials. Because the mom catches a disease during this period will affect her health badly, putting the lives of her puppies at risk. 

Other than these. Mastitis and milk fever are common among female dogs who gave birth. So keeping an eye on and taking immediate action is highly necessary.

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