Rat Terrier and Poodle Mix (RatPoos / Rattle / Roodles) - Hybrid Breed Info

Rat Terrier Poodle Mix (RatPoos / Rattle / Roodles) – Cross Breed Info

I personally am a massive fan of crossbreed dogs because they are an excellent combination of two separate dog breeds. Hybrid dogs get blended looks and personalities from their parents, which I find fascinating. Today we will be talking about an exceptional mixed dog, Rattle the result of Rat Terrier and Poodle mix.

Have you ever heard of Rattles? If yes, this article will help you enhance your knowledge of this crossed dog breed. If not, keep reading because Rattles are certainly a crossbreed that you should know.

Rattle is the hybrid version of two purebred dogs; Rat Terrier and Poodle. Most commonly, they are known as Rattles, in some cases also known as Roodles, Rat Doodles, or RatPoos. Rat Terriers and Poodles are dogs with bold personalities and adorable appearances.

There are some similarities between the two dog breeds, but also significant differences. Therefore Rattles inherit bits and pieces from their parent breeds, both appearance-wise and personality-wise.

Altogether, Rattles are small or medium-sized dogs; they are friendly, loyal, intelligent, and love humans. If you are someone wanting to buy an affectionate yet protective dog, Rattle could be a good choice.

However, when adopting a hybrid dog, there are several things that you should pay attention to. You should have a better understanding of their origins, temperament, maintenance, and so forth. If you are aware of those factors, you can be a pretty fantastic dog parent to a Rattle.

For your ease, the article is divided into subsections. Read through to find out all the essential details about Rattles. Let’s get started!

Fast Facts – RatPoos (Rat Terrier And Poodle Mix)

Average height 10 – 23 inches 
Average weight 25 – 50 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 15 years 
Suitable for Singles or Couples
Families with kids,
Active seniors
Temperament Friendly, Loyal, Playful,
Good for families? Yes
Other nicknames Rattles, Roodles,
Rat Doodles, RatPoos
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Origin of Rat Terrier Poodle Mix

When did Rattles develop? First, let’s briefly understand the history of their parents. Rat Terriers originally came from the United Kingdom in the early 1900s.

However, they gained popularity in the United States as farm dogs within a short period due to their mind-blowing skills in hunting rats and tiny pests.

On the other hand, standard breed Poodles were bred around the 1400s. Some believe that Poodles’ history can be traced even further; however, they became popular in the 1400s.

It is said that Poodles originated in Germany yet developed in France. Interesting fact, they were initially bred as water hunting dogs.

Speaking of Rattles which is the mixed version of Rat Terriers and Poodles, they were bred in the middle or latter part of the 1900s.

Though it is hard to mention when Rattles were bred precisely, they are likely to have a history of 30-50 years. 

The appearance of Poodle and Rat Terrier Mix

The appearance of Poodle and Rat Terrier Mix

Hybrid dogs undoubtedly get interesting looks as they inherit genes from two dog breeds. If you are familiar with the appearance of Poodles and Rat Terriers, you might know that these two breeds clearly have different physical characteristics.

So you might find it hard to picture what a Rattle looks like. Nonetheless, you cannot resist that both species are unique and adorable-looking. Same with their mixed breed.

There are different versions of Poodles; hence they could come in different sizes. However, standard breed Poodles are usually medium-sized dogs, perhaps large.

And Rat Terriers also come in different versions; generally, they are small-sized dogs. The size of Rattles can considerably differ depending on the version of the parent breeds.

Typically, Rattles are medium-sized dogs that weigh around 25-50 pounds and stand tall up to 10-23 inches. As parent breeds have significant differences in their physical appearances, it is hard to pinpoint what a Rattle would look like.

Sometimes they could be more similar to the look of a Rat Terrier or a Poodle. Some Rattles get short and straight hair from Rat Terriers, while others get fluffy and curly hair from Poodles.

Furthermore, coat color could be a combination of white, black, brown, and cream colors. Rattles could have pricked ears also floppy ones. And Rattles typically have a sturdy body structure despite their size.

How big do Rat Terrier and Poodle Mix get?

As mentioned earlier, the size of a Rat Terrier and Poodle mix changes according to different versions of parent breeds.

For instance, the hybrid version of a Toy Poodle and a Miniature Rat Terrier creates a small-sized Rattle.

However, if we focus on the Rattles bred through standard breed Rat Terriers and Poodles, they usually are medium-sized dogs.

A fully grown, healthy common breed Rattle could have an average weight of 30-40 pounds and a height of 12-20 inches.

Genes function a crucial role in determining the size of these hybrid dogs meantime some external factors, including food and physical activities, also could impact their growth.

The temperament of Rat Terrier and Poodle Mix

As a combination of two dogs, Rattles get personality traits from both parent breeds. Rattles are well known as protective and affectionate dogs.

Though they have a lineage from hunting backgrounds, Rattles make lovable family dogs. They are often very alert about things happening around them.

Rattles are also pretty vocal dogs. Sometimes Rattles can be stubborn, mainly due to their inherited genes from Rat Terriers. Rat Terriers are feisty little dogs with high prey instincts.

Rattles could also inherit it from Rat Terriers, yet early socialization helps them avoid stubborn behavior. Rattles are not complicated to train; therefore, they are suitable for first-time dog owners as well.

They are also generally good around kids and other pets, and if you train them from the pup stage, it will help to polish their socialization skills.

How much do Rat Terrier and Poodle Mixed puppies cost?

How much do Rat Terrier and Poodle Mixed puppies cost?

The price of a Rat Terrier and Poodle mix considerably differ based on several reasons. Most importantly, depending on the bloodline of parent dogs.

Generally, a Rattle may cost around 250-800 US dollars. You could also find Rattles for lower prices than the average range, but it is better to get the puppy from a reputable breeder if you need a healthy Rattle. 

Tips for maintenance of a Rat Terrier and Poodle Mix

Maintenance is mandatory when you raise a dog, no matter what breed they belong to. Below, you can find some essential facts regarding the maintenance of the Rat Terrier and Poodle mix.

  • Follow a grooming schedule

As we discussed, Rattles have short to medium lengthed fur. However, Rattles are low shedding dogs, making it easy to groom them. Rattles could have different coats.

If the coat is more likely to be straight like a Rat Terrier’s, you can brush them once or twice a week. If they have fur similar to a Poodle, you have to brush them on a regular basis.

Furthermore, you can brush their teeth a couple of times a week to ensure that extra plaque does not gather in their jaws. You also have to pay attention to cleaning their ears, especially if they have floppy ears. 

  • Provide healthy food 

The amount of food you should provide to a Rattle varies based on certain factors, predominantly their body weight.

However, it is necessary to provide quality food to a Rattle as they have a high metabolism. You can feed Rattles with dog food twice or thrice per day.

Focus on giving them protein-based food as it aids them in growing healthier. Also, it is important to avoid feeding them junk food. Instead, you can give them healthy snacks occasionally.

  • Provide physical activities 

Just like their parents, Rattles are also energetic and playful dogs. In order to release their energy, you must provide them with exercise.

You can take your Rattle for a walk or play with the dog for around 15-30 minutes which will help them to meet their daily exercise requirements. Getting proper exercise will keep your Rattle happier and healthier.

  • Do occasional veterinary checkups

Overall, Rattles are healthy dogs that enjoy 12-18 years of life span. Still, Rattles could inherit general health issues from both parents.

For example, eye problems, allergies, obesity, epilepsy, and patellar luxation are some common health issues among Rattles.

Most of these concerns can be cured if you take the proper actions without delay. So as soon as you notice sudden and frequent changes in your Rattle’s behavior, do not hesitate to take it to a vet. 

Final thoughts about this Rat Terrier Poodle Mixed

This article comprehensively talked about the hybrid version of Rat Terriers and Poodles, simply known as Rattles. Inheriting genes from two unique and well-known dog breeds, Rattles become dogs full of charisma.

Rattles would be an ideal pick for anyone who needs to have a family-friendly, loyal, and protective dog. You might have heard that sometimes it can be challenging to raise crossbreed dogs, which is not necessarily incorrect.

Nevertheless, as a dog parent, I believe raising a dog is a challenging task to fulfill despite their breed. But do not forget that it is also fun and rewarding. If you educate yourself on the basic things you should know regarding Rattles, you can properly train them and raise a loyal dog.

And these adorable dogs will never fail to show their love and care towards you and the family. So you will definitely enjoy their company at home.

I hope you got some valuable insights by reading this article! Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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