Rat Terrier And Pomeranian Mix (PomeRat) - Hybrid Dog Breed Info

Rat Terrier Pomeranian Mix (PomeRat) – Hybrid Dog Breed Info

Hello dog lovers!! This article is about a small and cute hybrid dog breed called Pome-Rat resulting from Rat Terrier and Pomeranian mix. This designed mixed dog breed will be ideal for you if you are interested in a loyal and affectionate furry friend.

Life never gets monotonous if you have a dog. Dogs are beautiful creatures that can bring so much joy to human lives. Not only do they adore you, but they also will be loyal to you with all their heart.

This bond between dogs and humans has existed for ages, which is why anyone would still love to raise a dog. Any dog would be an excellent human companion, but you may know that the characteristics of a dog significantly vary from one breed to the other.

Therefore people should pay attention to several factors when they get a dog. This article is about a hybrid dog breed known as Pomerat. Read through to get a thorough understanding of this amazing mixed-breed dog.

Pomerat is the hybrid version designed through crossbreeding Rat Terriers with Pomeranians. Tiny from their size, Pomerats are dogs packed with lots of charisma. These dogs are energetic, active, intelligent, and friendly.

Though they are a bit feisty at certain times, they are trainable; hence Pomerats make perfect family dogs. From a first-time dog owner to an experienced one, from an apartment dweller to a spacious house owner, Pomerat is a good fit for anyone.

Raising a dog is a responsible duty; you should find the suitable breed for you, help them with socialization, provide them with healthy food, know about their general health, and the list continues.

Some may find this complicated, which isn’t necessarily incorrect, but if you teach yourself the basics, you will become a great dog parent.

So through this article, let’s figure out all the essentials that you must know about Pomerats.

Fast Facts – PomeRat (Rat Terrier And Pomeranian Mix)

Average height 8 – 12 inches 
Average weight 5 – 15 pounds
Lifespan 12 – 18 years 
Suitable for Singles or Couples,
Active seniors
Temperament Energetic, Active,
Intelligent, Friendly,
Good for families? Yes
Other nicknames Pome-Rat,
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Origin of Rat Terrier and Pomeranian mix

Origin of Rat Terrier and Pomeranian mix

Each dog breed has a fascinating history associated with them. How about Pomerats? Whether it is Pomerat or any other hybrid dog breed, it is relatively challenging to precisely tackle their roots of origin.

However, there is plenty of information that we can study regarding the history of their parents, and it helps us to get a rough understanding of the origin of Pomerats.

As mentioned earlier, Pomerat results from Rat Terrier and Pomeranian crossbreeding. Bred in the 1920s in the United States, Rat Terriers were initially identified as hunting dogs.

Due to their intense skills in hunting rats, they were known by this name. Pomeranian is a breed developed in the 1800s. This breed belongs to the Spitz dog family, more precisely, German Spitz.

It is believed that Pomeranians were first bred in Germany, and they were known as German spitz instead of Pomeranians at the early stages. Interestingly, they get the name Pomeranian after the region of Pomerania in Germany.

However, when we study the origins of this breed, their earliest roots are also closely related to Nordic countries. Pomerat, the hybrid breed of these two dogs, does not have much history as the parents.

Still, this crossbreed is now identified in several countries, and they were first developed in the United States. 

The appearance of Rat Terrier and Pomeranian mix

Both Rat Terriers and Pomeranians are tiny and sweet-looking canines. Despite some similarities, they also have noticeable differences in their physical traits.

Therefore, Pomerat is a merge of these looks, and below, you can find what a Pomerat typically looks like.

Pomerat is a small-sized dog with an average weight of 5-15 pounds and a height of 8-12 inches.

Pomerats could have short or long length fur, and their coat color is usually black, white, cream, orange, tan, brown, or two to three blends of these colors. Pomerats get tiny faces and erect ears. Their eyes are almond-shaped, and usually, they tend to have a brownish color. 

How big do Pomeranian Rat Terrier mix get?

How big do Pomeranian Rat Terrier mix get?

One cannot precisely mention that a Pomerat could get this big, especially since they are a hybrid dog breed. However, since both parent breeds are small-made dogs, Pomerats also fell into the same category.

A healthy, full-grown Pomerat could weigh around 12 pounds and stand up to 10 inches tall. However, remember that these measures could increase or decrease due to a couple of factors.

Genes and gender are the critical determinants of their size. Healthy food and physical activities could also considerably impact it.

The temperament of Rat Terrier and Pomeranian mix

Pomerats often get temperaments from both Rat Terriers and Pomeranians. Therefore they typically own dynamic personalities.

Despite their tiny body size, Rat Terriers and Pomeranians own outgoing and extroverted personalities, and so do their hybrid version.

Pomerats are lively and playful dogs, but they also make good watchdogs and loyal companions. Pomerats love their owners excessively, so you might find it a little hard to leave them alone for a longer period by themselves.

On the other hand, sometimes they can be a little aggressive too, especially towards strangers. Early socialization is a must for these dogs. It helps them to overcome their aggressive and yappy behavior. 

How long do Pomeranian and Rat Terrier mix dogs live?

We absolutely love it if our dog lives with us for as long as possible. The good news is that Pomerat is a dog breed with a longer lifespan than many other dogs.

Due to their genetics, small dogs typically live longer than large dog breeds. Rat Terriers have an approximate life expectancy range of 14-18 and Pomeranians 12-16 years. So a healthy Pomerat gets to enjoy a life span of 12-18 years.

How much do Rat Terrier and Pomeranian mix puppies cost?

The bloodline of the parent dogs primarily decides the price of a Pomerat. Other than that, the breeder’s reputation and litter size can also impact their price.

Generally, both Pomeranians and Rat Terriers would cost around 1000-1500 US Dollars, but these prices may vary based on the facts mentioned earlier.

So the average price of a Pomerat is 500-1000 US Dollars or above. When you buy a mixed breed dog, it is crucial to get them from a certified breeder so in spite of their price, make sure to buy them from the correct place.

Maintenance tips for Pomeranian and Rat Terrier mix

Read this section carefully because if you raise a dog, you must know about its maintenance. You might not be someone who is well experienced in raising a dog; nonetheless, you can follow simple and pragmatic steps to ensure that you raise the dog with proper care; that way, you will eventually become a great dog owner.

So here are some essential tips regarding the maintenance and upkeep of a Pomerat.

  • Follow a grooming schedule

The grooming needs of Pomerats are not complicated; still, you must follow a consistent grooming schedule. Pomerats do not require frequent baths; once a month would do.

As mentioned already, a Pomerat could get coats in different lengths, and you should decide the brushing frequency according to the coat length and texture.

If their coat is more similar to a Rat Terrier’s, you can brush them once a week. If it’s identical to a Pomeranian, you should brush twice to thrice weekly.

Apart from that, you also should pay sufficient attention to their oral hygiene, cleaning their ears, and trimming their nails. 

  • Feed them good food, and make them exercise 

A well-balanced diet and physical activities are essential for your Pomerat’s health and well-being. These dogs are generally active, so you must provide them with healthy food, especially meals that contain proteins.

Dog food is the most convenient food for them, and it will help meet their regular dietary needs, but to enhance the quality of food, you can occasionally add selected meats, vegetables, and fruit to their meals.

As much as attention you pay to the quality, also be aware of the quantity. One to two cups of food will be sufficient per day. Speaking of physical activities, these dogs are active by nature.

However, to ensure that they get exercise correctly, you can take them for a walk or fetch with them for at least 30 minutes daily. You can also give them toys, so they learn to play by themselves as well.

  • Follow up on their general health

Dogs are prone to health issues. Before getting yourself a Pomerat, be familiar with the common health concerns among the breed.

When you have a general idea of them, you can easily spot if there are any issues at the earliest stages.

Common health issues seen among Pomerats are hip and elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, cataracts, allergies, epilepsy, and dental issues.

Just because this breed is generally considered healthy, do not ignore to follow up on it.

Pay attention, and if you notice sudden and frequent changes in their behavior, do not hesitate to take them to a vet. Also, it is better to do occasional eye, elbow, dental, and allergy tests. 

Final thoughts about the Pome-Rat breed

Throughout this article, we talked about Pomerats, the crossbreed between Rat Terriers and Pomeranians. The best way to explain this dog breed would be tiny yet extrovert canines.

The lovable, inquisitive, loyal personality of Pomerats makes them excellent human companions. As long as you have adequate knowledge of the breed, Pomerat is a good choice for any dog lover.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed.


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