Do Rat Terriers Like Water? Can Rat Terriers Swim?

Do Rat Terriers Like Water? Can Rat Terriers Swim?

Something that many dog parents love to do is go swimming with their pets. It’s adorable to watch them paddle around water with their noses lifted higher. So, we thought of sharing how Rat Terriers do with the water in this post.

Unlike large-sized dogs, small dog breeds have trouble with water. Some of them cannot even swim. Once you finish reading this post, you will have a clear idea about what is possible to do with your Rat Terrier with water.

So, do Rat Terriers like water? Rat Terriers, like many other dog breeds, have varying preferences when it comes to water. While some Rat Terriers may have a natural affinity for water and enjoy swimming, others may be more hesitant or even dislike water activities. It depends on the individual Rat Terrier’s personality, past experiences, and early exposure to water.

It’s important to introduce your Rat Terrier to water gradually and in a positive manner. Start with shallow areas or calm bodies of water and provide them with plenty of encouragement, rewards, and reassurance. Some Rat Terriers may require patient and gradual training to feel comfortable and confident in the water.

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It’s worth noting that not all Rat Terriers are natural swimmers, as their body structure and small size may affect their swimming ability. Rat Terriers have a muscular build and a moderate bone density, which can make it challenging for them to stay afloat for extended periods.

Additionally, their short legs and compact bodies may not be as efficient for swimming as breeds with longer limbs or webbed feet.

If you plan to engage your Rat Terrier in water activities, it’s essential to prioritize their safety. Always supervise them around water, provide a life jacket if needed, and be aware of their comfort level and limitations.

If your Rat Terrier shows a genuine disinterest or discomfort in water-related activities, it’s important to respect their preferences and find alternative ways to keep them active and entertained.

Remember, each Rat Terrier is unique, so it’s essential to gauge their individual preferences and comfort level when it comes to water.

Do Rat Terriers Like Water? And Why? 

As we mentioned in the beginning, dogs with small bodies have trouble with water. They are not good swimmers and are even afraid to have a bath. Rat Terrier, too, is a small dog breed.

But lucky for RT moms and dads, they like water. They enjoy swimming in any body of water, let it be a pool, pond, lake, river, or ocean.

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So why do Rat Terriers like water? Usually, short dogs don’t like water. Because of their body, they cannot paddle or keep their noses out.

But the Rat Terrier’s story is different. It’s the perfect body for a great swimmer—so, unsurprising Rat Terriers like water. 

It’s a frequently asked question we get from many RT parents. So dear fellow dog lovers, yes, your Rat Terrier is a great dog to enjoy some water sports.

Can Rat Terriers Swim?

Take your RT to a pool and let him get down to the water. It’ll give you the perfect answer to your question.

Toss his favorite toy in the water and watch how he will effortlessly swim to get back his toy. Rat Terrier is practically a fish living above water, literally!

So how can Rat Terriers swim? Let us clear that out for you! As we mentioned earlier, short dogs are bad swimmers. They always try to keep out of water.

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They have short legs, punched snouts, and broad chests most of the time. It makes them unable to paddle and keep their noses above the water level! So it’s not that they are lazy to take baths.

They have a lifelong fear of water. Don’t blame your doggo for not enjoying his bath if he’s a short puppy.

But, Rat Terriers have long legs, streamlined bodies, and perfectly shaped noses. So naturally, they’re swimming experts. So if someone ever says ‘no’ if you ask them “do Rat Terriers like water?”, they are heavily mistaken.

How Long Can Rat Terriers Enjoy Water?

One of our earlier discussions about Rat Terriers mentioned that RTs are specially designed to serve at farms from rodents and accompany men while hunting.

So, it’s no wonder that Rat Terriers are full of energy and stamina. Therefore unsurprisingly, Rats can spend much longer playing within water than other breeds. 

Generally, they can spend up to 1.5 – 2 hours swimming and enjoying the water without being tired. But this stretch of time depends explicitly on the level of exercise your doggo gets every day.

If he doesn’t spend many hours playing, running, and being active, his fitness level might wear off quickly and vice versa.

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It’ll also help if your dog is a talented swimmer and has experience in swimming. It will also bring his stamina up so that you can spend more time together playing in the water.

There’s another fact that we should mention. Even though Rat Terriers are excellent swimmers, the type of water can play a significant role in exhausting your puppy quickly. He will feel tired faster when swimming through waves rather than in still water.

Can You Play Water Sports With Rats? 

The fun you could have with your best friend with water is unimaginably joyful. There are several sports you can play with your Rat Terrier. Let’s break them down according to the place. 

  • At home

The best way to enjoy some water with your fluff ball is at your home. You wouldn’t have to travel anywhere, and also it will save you time and money both. 

If you have a backyard in your home, most possibly, you do have garden sprinklers and a hose at hand. Just turn on the water, and both dog and family can enjoy and get wet.

Or else you can fill up your bathtub or a baby pool and let him play. It’s the best way to relieve the heat during summers.

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  •  At The Pool

If you can get to a pool, you can play, swim, dive, and play fetch with your doggo.

Yes! I did say “dive.” Just throw a toy into the water (one that can sink) and let your puppy retrieve it. For safety purposes, use the shallow end for diving.

  • Lake Or River

You can have a splash marathon and enjoy dock jumping at lakeside or a river. Your swim expert will get much entertainment from this.

You can also play fetch or go for a quiet paddle boarding around the lake. The doggo will appreciate the ride for sure.

  • Sea

You can have a relaxing walk along the shore with your doggo with or without his leash. The calming wares will instantly relax both of you. Also, you can surf with your doggo too.

Can Rat Terriers Drown Or Get Hyponatremia? 

Can Rat Terriers drown or have Hyponatremia is the next big question.

Although many dogs are excellent swimmers, there is always a possibility. If the dog stays in the water and has no way to get on land, there’s a big chance of drowning.

Make sure your doggo comes out of the water before completely exhausting his energy. Moreover, it’s safer to have a life jacket on, especially if you take him to the sea or a river.

Also, the next complication that can arise from water sports is Hyponatremia, also called water intoxication. It occurs when your dog drinks water more than he should.

To avoid Hyponatremia, take your doggo out of water 2 or 3 times an hour. Please give him a rest before you return him to the water. 

So, what do you think? Do Rat Terriers like water? Does your Rat Terrier enjoy water? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading this post. Find out more interesting posts about Rat Terriers here.


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