Are Rat Terriers Smart? Rat Terrier Intelligence Ranking Discovered

Are Rat Terriers Smart? Rat Terrier Intelligence Ranking Discovered

Rat Terrier is a dog breed first made in America. But centuries after working as farming and hunting dogs, now it’s a sought-after breed worldwide. This discussion is to find out how smart Rat Terriers are and Rat Terriers intelligence rankings among other dog breeds. Let’s dive right in!

Well, are Rat Terriers smart? Rat Terriers are generally considered to be intelligent dogs. They possess a keen and alert nature, contributing to their ability to quickly learn and adapt. While intelligence can vary among individual dogs, Rat Terriers are known for their problem-solving skills and their ability to excel in various activities and tasks.

Rat Terriers have high energy and curiosity, coupled with a strong desire to please their owners. This combination often makes them highly trainable. Rat Terriers can learn commands and new skills relatively quickly with consistent positive reinforcement training methods and proper socialization.

Furthermore, their intelligence extends beyond obedience training. Rat Terriers are known for their hunting background, as they were originally bred to be efficient vermin hunters. They possess a natural instinct for tracking, digging, and problem-solving, making them excellent at tasks such as ratting or participating in dog sports like agility or nose work.

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It’s important to note that intelligence in dogs encompasses more than just obedience and problem-solving abilities. It also involves adaptability, emotional intelligence, understanding human cues and body language.

Rat Terriers tend to be attentive and responsive to their owners, enhancing their overall intelligence and ability to form strong bonds.

However, providing mental stimulation and regular exercise is essential to prevent boredom or behavioral issues in Rat Terriers. Their intelligence requires outlets for mental and physical activity to keep them engaged and fulfilled.

In summary, Rat Terriers are considered intelligent dogs with a range of abilities. They can showcase their intelligence in various activities and make wonderful companions with proper training, socialization, and mental stimulation.

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Let’s find out more!

Are Rat Terriers Intelligent Dogs?

Before buying this breed, one question that pops into mind is, are Rat Terriers smart? This farm dog breed was intelligent enough to become domestic dogs.

The hunting trait in her genes makes her an excellent watchdog that you can trust around small children. A Rat Terrier might be small, but her fearlessness and feisty nature are astounding.

Ranking 3 out of 5, Rat Terriers generally stay above average on the intelligence scale. To tell you what, training this breed is very easy.

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With the fame of being the dumbest dog breed, the Afghan Hound needs around a hundred repetitions to grasp a specific command. But Rat Terriers, a lot smaller than Afghans, will only require you to repeat a command 30-50 times, and she’ll learn the command for life.

Also, beware. This intelligent dog has a reputation for deceiving humans and other dogs to get what she needs. Isn’t that the answer to the question, are Rat Terriers smart?

Why Are Rat Terriers Smart? 

Centuries ago, America gave birth to Rat Terriers to work on farms and to be hunting escorts. After working for such a long time, these cuties mastered the skills to work alone.

Since farming and hunting need special skills to avoid danger, this small dog breed became smart. She can recognize and avoid dangerous situations and knows what to do to stay alive. 

Now Rat Terrier is a rare dog breed that’s very well popular globally. Her watchdog skills, ease to train, intelligence, playfulness, and child-friendly traits have added much value to her.

Also, did you know that Rat Terrier is the first hunting dog breed in the world? Moreover, she’s an adorable puppy.

Rat Terrier Intelligence Ranking 

While there is no universally standardized intelligence ranking system for dog breeds, Rat Terriers are generally considered to be intelligent dogs. They often exhibit intelligence traits such as quick learning, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability.

However, it’s important to remember that intelligence can be measured and assessed in different ways, and individual dogs within a breed can vary in their intelligence levels.

Various studies and assessments have been conducted to evaluate dog intelligence, such as Stanley Coren‘s book “The Intelligence of Dogs.” Coren ranks dog breeds in his book based on their working and obedience intelligence.

However, it’s worth noting that these rankings are not definitive measures of overall intelligence but rather specific to certain tasks.

As Rat Terriers were not included in Coren’s list, it’s challenging to provide an exact numerical ranking. Nonetheless, Rat Terriers are generally regarded as intelligent dogs with working intelligence, problem-solving skills, and a desire to please their owners.

They have been known to excel in activities such as obedience training, agility, and various dog sports.

Ultimately, intelligence is just one aspect to consider when choosing a dog breed. Temperament, energy level, compatibility with your lifestyle, and other factors should also be taken into account to determine a dog’s intelligence level.

Regardless of breed rankings, each dog has its own unique personality and strengths that make them special and cherished companions.

Examples For How Smart Are Rat Terriers

If you already have a Rat terrier with you, you must have noticed her behavior to understand how intelligent RTs are.

Even if you don’t have one and are debating whether to buy one or not, I’m sure after reading this discussion, you will go and buy one straight away. So let me give you a few examples to show Rat Terriers’ smartness. 

You and I both have had fun with pet toys. While some dogs try to understand all the puzzle pieces, some figure them out in record time- and so are Rat Terriers. 

Also, their bright minds can smell it if you’re sad, angry, or upset. They understand their human friend’s mood changes. And it’s so cute to watch how hard they try to comfort you.

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Your RT will start licking your face, giving you cuddles, and even bringing you her favorite toy to brighten your mood.

You wouldn’t like the next, though. They’re experts at escaping. They’re curious and will develop creative and artistic plans to flee to continue wandering around. Make sure you have an ID with a tracker in her collar. It’ll make it easier to find where she wandered off to. 

Moreover, Rat terriers’ ability to grasp commands quickly makes it easier for you to train your puppy. Your new Rat terrier puppy will be a fully trained, intelligent dog within a few months.

Every pet parent knows how easy it’s to have a well-trained dog at home. It practically makes lives much more manageable.

When a Rat Terrier needs to grab your attention while you’re busy, you’ll notice how creative they can get.

They sometimes play cute and look at you with adorable puppy dog eyes, while also, at times, they could do naughty things to snatch your attention. Look out! They are big-time attention seekers.

How To Measure The Rat Terriers’ Intelligence Level?

Now, if you have a Rat Terrier, you must be craving to know how smart your puppy is. Well, there’s a simple yet straightforward method that allows finding out the pup’s IQ.

Let us walk you through it. You have to set him five tacks below and measure how quickly and smartly he can solve them.

1. Throw a blanket over your dog’s body and see how quickly she will figure it out.

  • 3 points – Figured out within 15 seconds
  • 2 points – Figured out within 30 seconds
  • 1 point – Over 30 seconds

2. Lay 3 cups upside down. Show her a treat and put it under one cup. After distracting the dog for a moment, let her find the treat.

  • 3 points – Found the treat straight away 
  • 2 points – Sniffed one empty cup before landing on the right one
  • 1 point – Sniffed both empty caps before finding the correct one

3. Do it as same as above but let him see you jumbling the cups around and give points as above.

4. Choose an unusual moment to walk your Rat terrier and grab his leash.

  • 3 points – Instantly get thrilled to go on a walk
  • 2 points – You had to walk towards the door
  • 1 point – Your pet doesn’t understand what’s happening

5. Put a treat under low furniture where he could only reach with his paw.

  • 3 points – Reached for the snack with their paw only.
  • 2 points – Tried head before using a paw 
  • 1 point – Completely gives up

If your pup scored above 12 points, it’s time to celebrate; your RT is a genius. If he’s between 10-12 points, your doggo is very intelligent. 8-10 points mean that the Rat Terrier is not that intelligent but can get by without a problem.

So, are Rat Terriers smart enough for you to consider buying one? Did you get the answer to your question, “Are Rat Terriers smart?”. I hope we cleared it out for you with this discussion.


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