Why Does My Dog Stare At Me And Bark? Need To Be Careful?

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me And Bark? Need To Be Careful?

If your dog starts going “woof woof” at you, you might wonder why my dog stares at me and barks. No dog owner likes being on the other end of your dog’s wrath. But “woof” is your pet’s official language – the mother tongue of any canine.

So is it really that he’s unleashing his wrath on you or trying to tell you something? Let’s find out!

Why does my dog stare at me and bark? Because barking is the significant method dogs use to communicate, there could be so many reasons why he does this. Your pet might be hungry, need to go out for potty, or may simply detest you to the point that he’s barking at you.

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me And Bark?

Stop panicking! Your dog is just speaking out loud. Listen to him and see what he’s trying to say. Let’s check out some common reasons why your pet might be woofing at you.

  • Inviting you to play with him

Dogs are very active creatures and will always be ready to play. They have no trouble playing alone, but sometimes, they will invite their owners, too.

The easiest way to determine this playful invitation is by his body posture. When a dog invites others for a game, he will go down for a bowing stance and give out a woof. 

  • He’s asking for food

Some dogs are trained to voice out their needs, and of such is food. So if your pet is trained to be vocal, you will notice him looking at you and barking.

While some dogs become vocal, some stay silent even when they are starving. Therefore, do not expect your dogs to bark at you and tell you they are always hungry.

These traits differ from dog to dog according to their personalities. 

  • Your doggo wants to go out for a walk

Another common reason a dog would bark at its owner is when he wants to go out. Maybe your pet enjoys walking outside or simply wants to go out for a quick potty.

Giving your dog enough exercise will stimulate him physically as well as mentally. So you better take him out for a walk when he told you to. 

  • He needs something that he couldn’t reach

It is something I have experienced personally. Once, my dog Sparkles started barking at me non-stop. He would run to me, bark at me for a few seconds and then run back to the living room.

When I followed him to the room, he was sprawled on the floor next to the coffee table, looking under it. When I looked under, his small pillow was somehow gone under the coffee table, and he couldn’t reach it.

So pay attention. It could be the reason for your doubt; why does my dog stare at me and bark?

Other than these, your dog may bark at you on several occasions. Such as when he needs your attention, but you are ignoring him, or when you did something to make your dog upset, scared, or angry.

If the dog starts being scared or disliking you, he will definitely bark at you and voice out his detest

As I always highlight, if you are new to parenting dogs or got a new dog, you will have some difficulty understanding what your pet is asking or saying to you at first.

But as you get accustomed to parenting and bond more with the dog, you will be able to pick up what he’s saying with no issue. All that matters is that you pay attention to the dog.

Why Does My Dog Look At Me In The Eye And Bark?

Most of the time, dogs stare at you to get your attention. And when you don’t give him the attention he’s seeking, he will be left with nothing but to be loud.

If you are wondering, “Why does my dog stare at me and bark?” then it could be one of the above reasons we mentioned or an entirely different thing depending on your pet. 

If you decide it is none of the above, there are more common reasons why dogs barks at their owners.

As I explained above, the reason why your canine is staring and barking at you could differ from the reasons we state here.

If that is the case you are worried about, do not panic; these could change from dog to dog, depending on their personalities. 

Other reasons that might answer your doubt, Why my dog stares at me and barks are;

  • Your dog is afraid or detests you
  • You asked him to “speak.”
  • He cannot understand what you are saying
  • He thinks you are angry at him
  • He’s bored and letting you know about his feelings
  • Your pet has an obsessive-compulsive disorder

Here are some dog parents who don’t like it when their pets woof at them. If you are someone like that, it is better to know how to cut your dog’s barking behavior short. 

The best, most tried-out way to stop a dog from barking at its owner is to train him properly. But because you are already wondering, “Why does my dog stare at me and bark?” I suppose your dog is older than a puppy.

Usually, puppies are very vocal, and many owners train them to speak when asked or bark only when necessary.

Suppose your doggo is older and has a lousy barking habit (according to some owners). In that case, you can use the positive reinforcement method to curb this habit.

All you have to do is instruct your doggo in a firm tone to be “Quiet.” When he does stop, even for a split second, praise your doggo and give him a treat so that he understands staying quiet will earn him treats.

Repeat this every time your pet barks; eventually, your dog will behave well like the good boy he is.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your pet friend.


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