My Dog Suddenly Changes Sleeping Location; Why?

My Dog Suddenly Changes Sleeping Location; Why?

Our pet dogs are sleep experts. When they are bored, they just get on their beds or a corner and curl up. They do this, especially when reaching senior ages. My pet dachshund, a 12-year-old, always sleeps whenever he has the chance.

But recently, I noticed that he is changing his sleeping locations. And I was left wondering why my dog suddenly changed sleeping location; why. Let’s find out!

Why does a dog suddenly change sleeping locations? There are different reasons for this. The main reasons are comfortability, temperature, security, surround sounds, etc. And when you have a senior dog, you will see this behavior change significantly. 

Why Does My Dog Suddenly Change His Sleeping Location?

After seeing my dog, Sparkles, sleeping quite a lot, I decided to call my veterinarian and get some advice. But his answer, “Oh, that’s normal for a dog that age,” was not sufficient for me.

So I did some research as homework and found a lot of information about why dogs sleep so much. And why do they change their sleeping locations while doing that? 

So, I thought, why not share this info with other dog parents out there? There should be many people wondering why their dog suddenly changes sleeping locations.

First off, if you have a senior cutie like mine, you must have experienced excessive sleeping first-hand. But that is nothing to worry about, considering even humans start sleeping more hours a day when aging.

So, when your pet passes his 10th birthday, he may begin to sleep 15-20 hours daily. It helps them regulate their bodies and stops them from being too tired all the time. 

Next, you will also see them changing their sleeping locations quite a lot. And it will make you wonder why my dog suddenly changes sleeping locations.

My dog has two pet beds; one in my bedroom and one downstairs in the living room. And through most of his life, he slept on either of these two beds. He especially sleeps in the bed in my bedroom during the night. 

But lately, he changes his sleeping locations a few dozen times a day. And when I did my research about “why,” I found the following reasons. 

  • First, senior dogs have a hard time being completely comfortable. Just like us, they get aches in their muscles and can’t stay in one place for a long time. So they will eventually get up and go to another location to sleep.
  • Another reason why they change their sleeping location is the temperature. If the temperature in the current sleeping place is too cold or hot, your pup will change the place to somewhere with a much more desirable temperature. 
  • So if you notice your pup dragging his sleeping sheets around the room or house, maybe, you should try adjusting your thermostat next time. Or try to give him the warmth that he personally desires. That might help you relax the pet. 
  • Next, the dogs sleep in a place where he feels most secure. If the place he’s sleeping is not up to his standards of security, then that would also make him change positions and where he sleeps. It will again give you a thought about why your dog suddenly changes sleeping locations. 
  • Up next on the list is the surround sounds. As all us dog parents know, our pets are much more sensitive to senses than humans.
  • So if the place you have dedicated for your pup’s sleeping is noisy, your pet might have difficulty trying to doze off. Therefore, it’s high time to change his bedding to somewhere much more calm and quiet and get him trained to sleep there. 

These are only a handful of circumstances where our pups experience hardship in falling asleep. In such events, they will try to find a perfect place on their own, and you might notice him running around the house experimenting with different areas where he could feel much more comfortable. 

Why Is My Dog Suddenly Sleeping In Different Places?

A particular corner dedicated to our pets is typical in almost every house with a dog. It will be where our dog’s nap and spend their time when bored.

But when they avoid their usual spots and start finding new locations to sleep, it makes us wonder why our dog suddenly changes sleeping locations. He might do this once or twice, but it could also go up to a few dozen throughout the day.

It could simply be because they are uncomfortable or couldn’t find the perfect sleeping posture. Or it might even be the first sign of an underlying disease such as osteoporosis or any other illness that wouldn’t let your pet nap cosily.

Keeping a watchful eye out for symptoms such as whimpering, inflammations, limping, inability to walk, refusing to go up and down stairs, etc., will help you decide if your pet needs quick medical attention. It will also help you save your pet from a significant health issue. 

Why Does My Dog Move From Spot To Spot While Sleeping?

Now that you know the fundamental reasons why a dog suddenly changes sleeping locations, you should keep an eye on him.

It will help you understand what is wrong with his current sleeping arrangements and why he is so adamant about changing his spots every few minutes. 

You may have to make a few changes, wash his bedclothes and clean his bed, adjust your thermostat, find him a new place with less noise, etc.

But it could also be your new air freshener that is bothering him. So you must recheck the changes you made in the last few days. 

Moreover, suppose you recognize any symptoms of pain and suffering. In that case, it is time you bring matters to the attention of a professional so that they might help you figure out why your dog suddenly changes sleeping location.

So that now you know many reasons why your dog suddenly changes sleeping location, we hope you can rectify the situation.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts.


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