How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car Seats, Carpets & Upholstery?

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car Seats, Carpets & Upholstery?

Tired of finding dog’s fur everywhere in your car? Join the club! In this guide on ‘How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Car,’ I’ll spill the beans on easy tricks and affordable tools. Say goodbye to the pet hair struggle, and hello to a clean car that’s fur-free and fabulous!

Does your pet dog enjoy car rides? Most dogs do. However, seeing how piles of hair stick into your car seat, upholstery, and carpets after taking your dog for a ride might make you unhappy. Many people hesitate to take dogs in the car due to this reason.

Shedding is a regular occurrence in dogs. According to the breed, the shedding frequency significantly differs; nonetheless, every dog sheds at least to a small extent. So, how can you take your dog in your car without making shedding a huge concern?

This article will assist you with how to get dog hair out of car seats, carpets, and upholstery. This may be a hectic cleaning process, but if you do it the correct way, it will not be as complex as you think.

One can follow various mechanisms to get dog hair out of car seats, carpets, and upholstery. Some of the easiest and most effective methods include using a vacuum cleaner, seat covers, dryer sheets, rubber gloves, lint rollers, velcro curlers, duct tape, and wire brush. You should decide which mechanism to use depending on where and how many hair strands are gathered.

Suppose you often travel with your pet dog; if so, you will get frustrated to see hair strands inside your car. You can limit taking your dog out in your vehicle to alter this situation, but there are instances where you have no other option but to take them.

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Perhaps you love to take your dog on rides but are still reluctant to do it because you do not like to see fur all over your car. Before getting annoyed by this issue, it is worth looking into the mechanisms that allow you to get dog hair out of your car quickly and efficiently.

So, let’s look at the most pragmatic solutions to get dog hair out of car seats, carpets, and upholstery. 

How to get dog hair out of a car carpet?

When you take your furry pet on a car ride, you will surely see masses of fur on your car carpets. How can you clean them properly? Below are some simple techniques to get dog hair out of car carpets. 

  • Vacuum cleaning/using a wire bristle attachment on a steamer

Vacuum cleaning could be the first option that comes to your mind when removing dog fur from the carpets of your car. When you vacuum the hair on carpets, use a wire brush or a similar tool and pile the fur into one place, then use the vacuum cleaner to clean them.

Afterward, you can vacuum the remaining hairs. That way, the cleaning process will be faster and less messy. You can also use a wire bristle attached to a steamer to remove hair from carpets.

Steamers use small vapor molecules to clean staining substances, and once you combine a bristle with this, it helps pick up hair strands on the carpet and destroys germs and bacteria left by dog hair. 

  • Using a squeegee 

A squeegee is a mop with a rubber edge used for general cleaning purposes, including removing pet fur from carpets.

Spray a small amount of water on the carpet and make it damp; then, swipe the squeegee through it until it collects all the hair strands.

  • Using a dog hair-cleaning brush

There are brushes specifically made to remove pet fur from certain surfaces. Several types of dog hair cleaning brushes commonly utilize static charge to remove the hair stuck into the carpet surface.

These brushes are more efficient than regular cleaning brushes; most importantly, they do not damage the carpets. 

How to get dog hair out of car seats?

Car seats are usually made of polyester, leather, nylon, and vinyl. Dog hair can easily stick to these surfaces, so this is how you can do away with it, keeping the seats nice and clean.

  • Using seat covers

Let’s start with the most common thing we can do to mitigate this issue in the first place. There are various car seat covers created for dogs that you can use when you take your dog inside the car.

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Although this doesn’t prevent shedding, it significantly controls hair sticking to the car seats. These covers can be pricey, but you can carefully remove them after the ride, clean them well, and use them repeatedly on the following rides.

Purchasing quality seat covers will help to keep the car seats clean to a great extent from dog hair. 

  • Vacuum cleaning 

Vacuum cleaning is also a perfect and fast way to get rid of the dog fur stuck into your seats. Depending on the number of hair strands, you can directly use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

If there is a lot of fur, spray water on the seats and then vacuum the fur once the sheets are dry. Furthermore, you can also add a small amount of liquid fabric softener to the water to enhance its effectiveness.

Fabric softeners allow for loosening up the hair. So, once the spray is dry, you can easily vacuum without making a mess. 

  • Using rubber materials 

Vacuum cleaning is not a budget-friendly option for everyone. So, if you do not have a vacuum cleaner, rubber materials are ideal for cleaning dog fur stuck to your car seats. You can use gloves and balloons to do the job effectively.

Objects made of rubber easily stick fur into them. Therefore, the cleaning process becomes much more manageable. Sometimes, hair might get stuck into the edges of the seats, and you will find it hard to get them out using a vacuum cleaner.

In such situations, you can use rubber gloves to get them out. Besides gloves, you can also use balloons to remove the dog hair from the car seats. If you wonder how a balloon will help get rid of dog fur stuck to the car seat, science is what does the job.

Take a medium-sized balloon, fill it with air, and tie it; afterward, rub it on the seat where you can see pet hair, and hair will stick to the balloon due to the power of static electricity.

Likewise, you can thoroughly clean the seats using rubber materials; this is very cheap and doesn’t damage car seats. 

  • Velcro hair curlers 

How can hair curlers help to pull out dog fur from car seats? Well, you should try it yourself and see how effectively this small gadget enables you to remove dog hair.

These hair curlers are typically made of a plastic mesh, which helps gather dog fur stuck to your car seats.

All you have to do is firmly glide the curlers through your car seat so the hairs will stick to them. Velcro hair curlers are inexpensive, and you can use them repeatedly. 

How do you get dog hair out of car upholstery?

Car upholstery typically refers to seats and the interior of the vehicle. Some of the mechanisms mentioned in previous sections can be used to clean your car upholstery.

However, there are more methods as well. So let’s have a look at them. 

  • Duct tape / masking tape method 

If you have duct tape or masking tape at home, you can use it to get dog hair out of your car upholstery. These tapes shave a sticky texture to them, which helps remove the dog hair.

Grab a piece of duct tape and paste it in the area where you can see dog fur. Gently press your hand and then take the tape off.

The sticky surface of the tape will attach all the hair in the car upholstery. 

  • Using a damp sponge 

When you remove dog fur from your car’s upholstery, you must pay attention to the effectiveness of the technique you use; moreover, you should ensure that those techniques do not cause any damage to the interior of the car.

Using a damp sponge makes it easy to remove dog hair from upholstery without causing any issues. You can dampen a sponge or towel and wipe the upholstery with it until all hair sticks to the material. 

As said earlier, you can also use water and fabric softener mix, velcro curlers, rubber gloves, balloons, and squeegee to remove dog hair from car upholstery.

Final thoughts about getting dog hair out of your car

Car rides with your beloved pet sound fun, isn’t it? However, when you take your dog inside your car, you will certainly have to clean the vehicle afterward because you will find hair strands all over the seats, carpets, and upholstery.

However, there are steps that you can follow to control the shedding and remove the remaining hair in a quicker and more efficacious manner.

You can use equipment such as vacuum cleaners, steamers, dog hair cleaning brushes, wire brushes, squeegees, duct tape, and velcro hair curlers to get rid of the fur on your car carpets, seats, and upholstery.

As long as you do the cleaning process correctly, you will not get exhausted cleaning your car after taking your pet for a ride. 


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