Can We Use Baby Shampoo On A Dog

Can We Use Baby Shampoo On A Dog? Yes, But Read

The dog is the most familiar pet animal for all human beings. Most of them are raising dogs as their own kids. So, they are feeding, providing medicine for illnesses, and bathing their dogs just like they do for their children.

But bathing time may be the worst time for the dog, although it is essential to maintain their good health. Anyway, the owners should choose the best shampoo when bathing their dogs to release their discomfort.

So, many people question the suitability of baby shampoo on a dog. Therefore this article is all about the suitability of baby shampoo to bathe a dog.

Can we use baby shampoo on a dog? The short answer is yes; we can use it. Baby shampoo is a product for babies. So, it has been produced for sensitive skins, and accordingly, there is a lack of harm for dogs. Especially when you notice that there is something wrong with your dog after bathing with dog shampoo such as shaking, panting, chewing paws, you can change that shampoo for baby shampoo. So, you should be very careful here; if not, it will cause allergies for your dog.

Accordingly, in this article, I have covered whether baby shampoo is good for dogs or not, how to identify when there is trouble with your dog’s shampoo, why regular human shampoo cannot be used for dogs.

Finally, I have provided some alternatives that can be used instead of dog shampoo. Let’s get started!

Is baby shampoo good for dogs?

Bathing is an essential thing for maintaining the good health of your dog. There you may use various dog soaps or dog shampoo for it. But sometimes, they may cause allergies for your pet.

Then, what will be the solution? You have to find an alternative there. Most of the people go to baby products in that case. So, is it possible to use baby shampoo on a dog?

Yes, you can use baby shampoo for your pet dog because it is much safer than anything else. Especially when there is sensitive skin for your dog, baby shampoo is the best shampoo.

They are made up according to a mild and gentle formula. Many vets recommend baby shampoo mostly for sensitive-skinned dogs because; they are made for baby skin which is more fragile and so that they are harmless.

So, suppose you are concerned with the harshness of various dog soaps and shampoo. In that case, you may use baby shampoo with confidence as they have been specially made up for sensitive skins. 

And there are baby shampoos in the market under various brands. So, most importantly, you should select an unscented, clear shampoo despite shampoos with more added colors or fragrances. Many vets recommend Johnson and Johnson’s baby shampoo is safe for dogs.

Not only that, but baby shampoo also is not as expensive as dog shampoos. So, as they are harmless, cheap products for your dog, you can use them without any trouble.

If you use an expensive dog shampoo, there is a probability that the bathing of the dog may be limited to one or two rounds per month.

I will give you a clear idea about the ingredients of the baby shampoo. Then you can use them with much confidence.

Accordingly, many baby shampoos contain glycerin which helps in smoothing, water, potassium acrylates copolymer, which is useful for maintaining the proper thickness of the shampoo.

Further, they also use things such as; sodium trideceth sulfate, which acts as an agent of low irritation cleansing agent. Also, it may be less irritating than the other shampoo as it helps release the stress of balancing the PH range of about 7.

You also can discuss with your vet before starting to use baby shampoo on your pet for more details.

You also have to consider how often to use baby shampoo when bathing your dog. It will be safer if you use it once every 4 to 8 weeks than using it more often. And remember that there is no issue when it contacts your dog’s eyes as they are made for babies with more sensitive eyes.

Also, you can earn another benefit by using baby shampoo for your pet because; it kills the dog’s fleas. It can be seen that the fleas disappear slowly when you use baby shampoo. So, you should start applying it from the neck and then the head and continue towards the tail.

Anyway, it is said that baby shampoo is not recommended for the regular use of dogs. But it is cited as the only safe shampoo that can be used as an alternative to dog shampoo.

How to identify when there is trouble with your dog’s shampoo?

Before you use baby shampoo on a dog, you should consider whether your dog shows troublesome signs with its current shampoo. So, how do you recognize the troublesome signs of a dog in such a situation?

Most importantly, you may notice that your dog is itchy after the bath when there is an issue with its shampoo. Also, those signs may include;

  • Biting the paws of the dog obsessively.
  • Shaking its head.
  • Rubbing the face.
  • Nipping at its body.
  • Getting ear infections.
  • Developing hives.
  • Causing skin rashes and infections.
  • Starting to obsessively licking.

And if the current shampoo is allergic for the dog, it may;

  • Develop bald patches on its skin.
  • Getting blistery skin injuries.
  • Causing ulcerations.
  • Severe swelling.

Also, this may be very dangerous when the allergy increases and the dog goes into anaphylactic shock. There you have to get it to the vet.

Not only that, but you can also recognize the trouble with the current shampoo of the dog through its various reactions for the shampoo like; alertness, inclining the head, shaking, chewing, panting, scratching, pacing, raising ears, ears dropping, etc.

Also, you should be very careful on its behaviors like; obsessive licking, shaking the head, face rubbing, muscle swelling, paw and body biting, etc.

Accordingly, if you notice any of the above signs, it is clear that there is something wrong with the current shampoo of the dog.

You may go to a vet and change its shampoo to a baby shampoo, which will be the best solution.

Why is regular human shampoo not good for the dog?

When we consider using baby shampoo on a dog, many people may question whether they can use regular shampoo for their dog. The short answer for this is; No. You may not use regular human shampoo for your dog. Then, why is that? Let’s consider it in detail.

Except for baby shampoo, regular human shampoo is considered one of the worst things you can apply to your pet dog. These human shampoos are made to have moisturizers.

The skin moisture helps to replace the essential protective layer of the skin that gets scrubbed away. There is an acid mantle for both people and dogs to secure from bacteria, viruses, and various infections.

When the acid mantles of the dogs get removed, microorganisms will rampant in them. When it happens, you may notice that their skin has become itchy, irritated, and peeled.

The regular PH balance of human skin revolves around 5.2 up to 6.2, and the PH balance of the dog’s skin will range from 5.5 up to 7.5. The actual PH value ranges from 0 to 14, where the PH values below 6.4 are concerned with high acidity, as well as the values above 6.4 are concerned with high alkalinity.

Accordingly, human skin is considered to be acidic. So, it is very clear that the skins of dogs are not similar to humans. Therefore, if you use a human product for a dog, it will be really dangerous. It will bring allergies, infections for the dog.

Human shampoos are destroying the acid mantle of the dogs, which will expose them to all the viruses, bacteria, and infections. And when the dog is scratching and itching at their skin, various bacteria will easily dig into them.

Not only that, but a bad smell also will be noticed due to bacterial infection. If you do not come out with immediate precautions, the situation will turn worse.

What can you use as alternatives to dog shampoo?

Bathing is a regular habit of people which helps to maintain their good health. So, it is the same for dogs also. Bathing is essential for their good health.

You can use a dog shampoo when you are bathing your dog, maybe once or twice a week, to wash away its bacteria, virus, and other clouds of dust. But, what happens; if you do not have a dog shampoo when you bathe your dog or if the dog shampoo with you has been finished.

Do you have an alternative? We can give a short answer: yes. You can use baby shampoo on a dog. And there are many other alternatives. So, here let’s see about those alternatives.

1. Dish soaps

This may be an amazing thing for you. But yes, you can use dish soap as an alternative to dog shampoo. The Dawn dish soap is best for this.

The wildlife rescue organizations also use this to clean oil from various animals. So, it also will successfully remove the dust and dirt off your dog.

But here, you have to make sure that your dish soap is free of various harsh additives and fragrances at the moment you are getting it from the kitchen because, although the original ingredients that have been noticed in it as safe, it doesn’t say that the dish soap is completely safe.

Also, make sure not to use the dish soap directly. And you can make a mixture by using;

  • 2 water cups
  • ¼ cup of dish soap
  • ½ cup of white vinegar

Then, coat it on the dog’s wet fur and lather it gently. And you should be careful not to catch the mixture on its eyes, nose, or mouth.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda is also the best alternative for dog shampoo. It will help to release the dog’s bad smell, remove the dirt, and be fresh when bathed with this.

You also can directly apply pure baking soda to your dog if you do not have enough time. But it is better if you can make a mixture with;

  • 1 cup of raw, ground oatmeal
  • ½ cup of baking soda
  • 4 water cups

3. Baby shampoo

This is the best human shampoo that you can use for your dog because they are originally formulated for sensitive-skinned babies. So, it will not harm the skin of your dog.

But this is not recommended for regular use as it may dry the skin of your dog. But it is the best alternative for a dog when there is no dog shampoo at your home.

4. Corn pulp

Corn starch will be the best alternative to remove the bad smell and the dirt of your dog. It is best to use this by shaking it over the dog’s entire coat.

Then, apply the powder to their fur without missing anywhere on the coat. And use their normal comb to pull out the excess. This homemade shampoo will keep your dog fresh until you bring the dog shampoo for it.

5. Baby wipes

When your dog catches dirt, baby wipes are the best alternative when there is no dog shampoo with you. You also can use facial wipes in emergencies, but baby wipes are the best because they are gentle.

But make sure not to use those with more harsh ingredients and fragrances because harsh ingredients will harm your dog.

Final thoughts about using baby shampoo on a dog

We have discussed; can you use baby shampoo on a dog with more details. I think this article will effectively work out for all who have pet dogs. I have covered an important area of raising a pet dog: using baby shampoo on a dog when bathing it.

There I have discussed; baby shampoo is good for dogs, how to identify when there is trouble with your dog’s shampoo, why regular human shampoo cannot be used for dogs. Finally, I have provided some alternatives that can be used instead of dog shampoo.

Dogs are the closest friend of people. So, many people have pet dogs. Then it is very important to keep them fresh and comfortable to maintain their good health. Dog shampoo is the best option to remove the dog’s bad smell, bacteria, viruses, and infections.

But, if you don’t have dog shampoo at home, you can go to an alternative. Baby shampoo is good for dogs. It is originally produced for sensitive-skinned babies but does not recommend regular use. It is only an alternative.

We can’t use regular human shampoo here because it can damage the natural moisture of the dog by exposing it to many skin diseases. And also, there are some other alternatives such as; baby wipes, corn pulp, various dish soaps, baking soda, etc.

Anyway, you have to keep your dog comfortable and healthy by using any of the useful and effective means.

Thank you for reading this post. I hope it answered your burning questions about your dog. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts.


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