Are Jack Russells Good First Dogs? Yes; But Read This First

Are Jack Russells Good First Dogs? Yes; But Read This First

If you have never owned a dog before and are considering becoming a novel puppy parent, there are many you need to learn. It’s an exciting event as well as a nervous one. Potential Jack Russell owners frequently ask us, ‘Are Jack Russells good first dogs?’. Therefore, this article is for brand new and potential JRT owners.

Since you’re new to this field, it’s easier if you select an excellent first breed as your first child. Let’s explore one of such a cute breed and learn if he’s good for you or not.

So, Are Jack Russells good first dogs? JRT is an adorable and small dog breed, and he’ll be great for a first-time owner. Even though he can sometimes be a troublemaker, Jack Russel Terriers will give you so much brand-new experience about fostering dogs.

Let’s get started!

Are Jack Russells Good For First Time Owners?

Are Jack Russell Terriers good first dogs? Yes. Jack Russells are small, cute, and adorable. As I mentioned earlier, a JRT will give you a profound experience as a first-time doggo parent. 

To be honest, Jack Russells are very active and could be troublemakers at times. But isn’t that what makes them even more desirable? A playful troublemaker is much better than a lazy, timid doggo.

Even though they could be mischievous, you could reduce his unnecessary troubling behaviors with proper training.

Moreover, make sure you have a prominent place for him to run around and polish his genetic adventurous and exploring skills.

Also, if you’re adopting a JRT puppy and you have kids or other pet animals at home, you might need to give him the necessary training.

Other than that, a Jack Russell Terrier is superb for a first-time dog parent who is active, outgoing, and loves nature while being home often because they are an active dog breed that needs daily exercise and are big-time attention seekers.

They are a brilliant dog type too. Hence it will be easy for you to train your JRT. Furthermore, I should mention that this breed, Jack Russell Terrier, is designed for hunting animals; therefore, make sure that you do not have any small animals running around your terrier’s territory.

Is Jack Russell A Good Family Pet?

Even though Jackies are designed to assist hunters and farmers, nowadays, after centuries, this dog is now a domesticated pet.

During this time, not only did they learn many new habits, but they grew closer to humans as well. 

In your quest to find out whether Jack Russells are good first dogs, you should make sure that they are excellent family pets, too. Jackie’s are loving and affectionate dogs.

So, if you trained this mischievous little furry friend, you could finally have an amicable new additional member to your family.

Also, note that they still have hunting traits in their body. Therefore, Jackie would not tolerate any harm that comes in the way of his loved ones. Hence, he’s a much loyal and protective dog breed.

Many stories online portray a Jack Russell Terrier to be a very wild and crazy character. But contrary to these fake stories crafted by the internet, Jack Russells are indeed trainable and suitable family pets.

And let me get this straight; with a Jack Russell Terrier at home, your family would never feel bored.

Are Jack Russells Easy Dogs?

If you ever thought that being a parent of a Jack Russell Terrier is hard to even for a second, then you’re greatly mistaken or misguided by someone. Rest assured that Jack Russells are easy dogs.

Since you’re a new member of the dog parents’ association and researching are Jack Russells good first dogs, it’s easy to assume that you thought about this too.

If your first doggo is a hard dog breed and gives you a hard time and trouble taking care of him, you will think twice about opting again to adopt another.

Russells have a stronger build than many other small dogs, so their health level stays at a higher point for most of their life.

With behavior correction training, daily exercise from an early age, and lots of love and attention, you’ll find that JRTs are easier to take care of.

Not only just that, taking care of a Jack Russell Terrier will bring you much pleasure. Let us tell you a little deeper fact about taking care of a Jack Russell.

JRTs are adaptive learners and aim to please and seek approval from their parents. Furthermore, their excessive energy can be easily reduced through proper daily exercise.

Also, Jackies get very friendly with other dogs. And with a bit of appraisal and petting from your side, you’ll notice how easily contented they get.

Are Jack Russells Low Maintenance?

Since you’re a new dog owner, you’ll find it exhausting if you start your journey with a high-maintenance doggo. “Are Jack Russells good first dogs?” It is the primary question that’s circling your mind at the moment.

And finding out correctly whether JRTs are minimal maintenance or not is one of the parts you would come across.

I am thrilled to announce that Jack Russell Terriers are minimal maintenance dogs. And he’s one of the best first dogs you could take care of as a novel doggo parent.

Jackies don’t require too many baths per month. Once or twice a month is more than enough for him. Any more could damage his fur coat and dry out his skin.

But make sure that your furry friend doesn’t often get covered in mud. But you do have to give their fur coat a regular brush about twice or thrice a week because JRTs tend to shed often.

There are mainly two coat types, but this routine brushing is necessary with either of them. 

A daily brushing of teeth will help keep their mouth healthy and out of hasty smells. Other than that, Jack Russells tend to keep their body pretty clean.

Moreover, because these cuties are intelligent and easy to train, potty training them is out of the discussion. They’ll catch up with the routine fast.

Thereby it concludes the answer to your question; are Jack Russells good first dogs. If you can spend some time with your doggo and are an adventurous person, a Jack Russell terrier is the perfect match for you.

Thank you for reading this post. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed. Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


  • George Brown

    George B. is the founder of the JRO Organization. He believes in creating a better world for domestic animals. He believes domestic animals are more vulnerable than other animals, especially dogs, since they have been used to depending on their owners for generations. So, he started JRO to share his ideas and insights while helping vulnerable dogs worldwide. George runs multiple projects on street dogs in developing countries, especially Sri Lanka.

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