Why Does My Dog Stare At Me And Growl?

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me And Growl?

Has your dog ever growled at you? Has he ever stared at you so intensely with hard eyes that you had to look away?

Have you ever felt that his stare would just burn a hole in the centre of your forehead if you didn’t look away? If you have experienced this behavior, this blog is dedicated to you. 

Why does my dog stare at me and growl? It will sometimes happen when you pick up your dog’s favourite toy away from him. If the dog gives you a stern look and growls, that is a warning that whatever you are doing is not sitting well with your pet. 

It is also common among dogs who are not familiar with you. They would first stare and then growl or bark. It is a warning that dogs give before they attack the enemy.

So if you ever faced a dog who stared at you before giving a low throaty growl, it means that the dog does not like your presence. 

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me And Growl?

Although dogs are very loyal and affectionate towards their owners, there are some things that they won’t tolerate.

For example, suppose you ever pick up a dog’s favorite toy. In that case, that simple action might aggravate the dog enough to growl even at the owner. 

I have a friend of mine who owns an adorable husky. He’s only five years old and understands everything perfectly.

The only catch is that he never lets anyone touch his yellow duck (his favorite toy) or floor carpets. My friend has a hard time cleaning the floor when her dog is around.

If he ever sees anyone picking up any carpet, he’ll first give a hard stare before growling and lunging forward to tug at the rug.

So, if a dog stares at you and growls, it simply means that whatever you do is not sitting well with your four-legged best friend. 

So, if you are wondering, “why does my dog stare at me and growl?” rethink what you are doing. 

Some dogs also express their fear or dislike of something through their growls. Maybe it’s something you have in your hand, such as a garden rake or a noisy vacuum cleaner.

If your dog doesn’t like being chained or leashed, he might stare at you and growl, voicing his dislike. 

Moreover, if your pet is one of the rescued dogs, who had a history of abuse from the previous owner, you might get the same treatment from your new pet.

But, not to worry, these behaviors in rescued dogs can be reshaped with training. 

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me Then Bark?

“Bow-Bow” is your furball’s language. That is how he expresses his feelings, asks for something, and lets you know how happy he is when you return home after work. 

So, if your pet stares at you and suddenly barks, it might be his reply to something you asked him. There are some dogs trained to talk when they are asked about something.

If your dog is taught the same, then don’t fuss, thinking, “why does my dog stare at me and growl or bark?” It’s simply that he’s answering you back.

But other than that, your pet might also be vocalizing his disapproval of something you are saying or doing. Our pets are very alert and sensitive, so watch what you do.

Dogs tend to talk more when they are hungry as well. They will come to you and stare for a second or two before scolding you for not feeding them on time. 

You should also be prepared to face your beloved dog’s wrath in the following situations.

  • Your dog is ready to go on a walk
  • He cannot find his favorite toy
  • earning your time and affection, etc.
  • Letting you know that a threat is nearby

Understanding your dog’s bark will be easy if you are accustomed to his behaviors and body language.

It will help you to tend to his need quickly by understanding what your pet is trying to inform you. And that is why you should try to pay attention to your dog as much as possible. 

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me Aggressively?

This is another common problem among dog parents who are confused and thinking, “why does my dog stare at me and growl?”

Are you doing something that has the potential of hurting your dog?

Do you constantly get angry at your pet and scold or hit him?

Are you showing signs of anger when your pet is around?

Your dog is sensitive to everything around you. And it includes your behavior as well. If you constantly scare your pet or hurt him, it is natural that he will start to despise you with time. And that is exactly why it is vital that you act calm and collected when the dog is around.

If a dog stares at you with hard eyes, it means he doesn’t like your presence. And this is not good for your relationship with your dog as well. So, whatever you are doing that is aggravating your pet needs to stop. 

Dogs love it when you shower them with love and affection. Taking him on walks, playing with him, praising the pet, and giving him tasty treats are only a handful of ways that you can use to make your dog happy. 

Always try to avoid actions that will cause conflicts between you and your dog. After all, our pets are the ones that we love the most. Isn’t it? When their owner behaves well, it is also good for their wellbeing.

We hope we have defused your confusion “why does my dog stare at me and growl?”

If you have any more problems related to your pet’s stare, don’t hesitate to forward them to us; we’ll do our best to clear out any issues you may have.

Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner. We’ll see you next time!


  • Dominic Parker

    Dominic P. is a dog behavioral researcher who graduated from the University of Surrey and holds BVMsi (Hons) in Veterinary Medicine and Science. He has been around dogs since childhood and has unconditional love for dogs. It makes him become a researcher instead of practicing as a veterinarian. Dominic enjoys his work and likes to share his findings with dog parents to give them a better understanding of dogs’ behaviors.

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