What Temperature Is Too Cold For Puppies?

What Temperature Is Too Cold For Puppies?

There are many things to consider when we bring a new pup home. The place their bed will arrange, where they will eat, what food you will give them, and the list will continue. But something that we should consider is when we can take them out. Along with that, we must also note which temperature is too cold for puppies inside and out. 

So, what temperature is too cold for puppies? Puppies younger than three months must stay at a temperature of 85 degrees. As they grow, the temperature can be reduced up to 60 degrees and low even when they are outside. A new litter of puppies is highly sensitive to every change in temperature. Since they are used to their mother’s warmth and sleeping while cuddling siblings, being in cold climates will not be an option for a small pup. 

And that is why you must always keep an eye on them and change the blankets they are on as soon as they get wet.

What Temperature Is Too Cold For Puppies?

For the first two weeks after their birth, puppies cannot regulate their own body temperature. Therefore, a viable temperature must be maintained around the puppies at all costs.

The temperature is not critical if the doggo mom is next to the puppies. The mom’s body heat will keep the pups warm and regulate their core body temperature. 

Even if the doggo mom is not always next to the newborn litter, they will be perfectly fine if the surrounding temperature is around 85 to 90 degrees. This is for newborns who are still seeking their mom’s protection. 

But as they grow old day by day, they will get bigger and stronger. Along the way, the puppies will be brought to new homes away from their mother. After they find their forever homes do you worry about what temperature is too cold for puppies? 

But once the puppies get through the border of 3 months, they can regulate their body temperature. Therefore, any temperature suitable for an adult dog must be good enough for the puppy as well.

If you maintain a temperature around 60 degrees in your house, your puppy will get accustomed to the temperature in no time. 

But this varies, especially with the size and the fur type they have. If the pet has very thin hair, dropping the temperature below 45 degrees will make them uncomfortable.

And if the outside temperature is below freezing point, you may need to think twice before letting your puppy out for a longer time.

But still, if the pup is over three months old, you can play with him outside for up to 15 to 20 minutes under supervision.

What Happens When Puppies Stay Too Cold For A Long Time?

As I explained above, puppies above the age of 3 months can regulate their body temperature. Therefore, you can let them stay at temperatures around 60 degrees to 85 degrees indoors.

Suppose you are taking your new puppy out for a walk during winter; then, since the puppy is still tiny, a brief walk will be enough. 

Prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures has a higher chance of ending the puppy with frostbite or hyperthermia. And unlike adults, puppies have lower immunity and energy to fight back. Therefore, any fatal flow has higher odds of ending up badly. 

Mild hyperthermia starts to set in a pup once the core temperature is dropped to 99 degrees. And when the body temperature drops further, moderate and severe hyperthermia will start to set in.

These severe levels can ultimately cause problems related to the respiratory system, brain, cardiac problems, and even death. 

Every dog depends on their respiratory system to regulate body temperature. And when the air is freezing, the process gets interrupted, freezing their core. And that is why the time outside on winter days must be carefully measured. 

Twenty degrees and below are the levels where the puppy’s life may be in danger due to cold. In contrast, bigger and adult dogs can stay outside even when temperatures of 10 degrees; the same may not be viable for small pups. 

But before anything worse happens, if you notice closely, you will see subtle changes in the pup’s body language.

And that is why keeping a close eye on a dog when they are outside in the cold is vital. These signs may be faint, but if you note them in time, you will be able to save your puppy from fatal damage. 

Some of these signs are listed below. 

  • lifting their paws off the ground
  • whining and barking
  • showing lethargic feelings
  • slowed the pace and lazy stance
  • sneezing and watery eyes

How To Treat A Puppy Who Was Too Cold For A Long Time?

Many new parents worry about what temperature is too cold for puppies. But while doing so, you must also learn about treating a puppy that was too cold for a long time. 

If you accidentally leave your puppy cold for a prolonged time, the first thing to do is to bring him to a warmer place. For instance, if the pup was outside all this time, bring him inside.

After doing so, don’t forget to check his core temperature as well. This way, you can know if he’s at a hyperthermia level or not and take necessary actions. 

The next thing to do is wrap him in a warm blanket. If the temperature has dropped below 100 degrees, the best thing left to do is call your veterinarian for advice. With warm water bottles wrapped in a layer of clothes can be given to warm up the pup a little faster. 

Check his body for any frostbite marks, especially his ears and paws. If the situation worsens, rush him to the pet care without wasting time.

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