Dogs Similar To Airedale Terriers - 5 Identical Breeds

Dogs Similar To Airedale Terriers – 5 Identical Breeds

Hello dog lovers! Are you looking for dogs similar to Airedale Terriers? Explore these five identical and incredible breeds that share their characteristics and charm.

I personally prefer Terrier breeds because I’m fond of dogs that are playful, active at the same time alert, and a little feisty. There are multiple Terrier breeds, and their looks and personalities significantly vary depending on the breed.

Nonetheless, generally, Terriers are cheerful and outgoing dogs. Moreover, their unique, adorable looks will make you love them more. We focus on different factors when deciding to get ourselves a dog.

Airedale Terrier was the best fit for my expectations, which is why I chose to have an Airedale Terrier. For anyone looking forward to having a unique-looking, dynamic dog, Airedale Terrier will be a good pick. In this article, we will be looking into other dogs similar to Airedale Terriers. 

Airedale Terrier is the largest member of the Terrier group. This breed has adorable features and strongly built bodies, and they are active, playful, protective, and intelligent dogs. Airedales can also be a little stubborn, but that can be addressed through proper training.

Airedale Terriers are generally healthy dogs that live around 10 to 12 years. Since Airedales are hypoallergenic, they are overall low-maintenance dogs.

Several other dog breeds are similar to Airedale Terriers, including Welsh Terrier, Lakeland Terrier, Barbet, Poodle, and Labradoodle

Depending on the breed, dogs have unique features, appearance-wise and personality-wise. Moreover, maintenance and related requirements of dogs also differ according to the breed.

Nonetheless, sometimes we can see certain breeds share resemblances in several ways. So let’s figure out which dogs share similarities with Airedale Terriers.

What are the other dogs similar to Airedale Terriers?

Below you can find a list of dogs that share similarities with Airedale Terriers. Read through to understand how these breeds relate with Airedale Terriers and their differences.

1. Welsh Terrier

  • Appearance

Comparing two pictures of Welsh Terriers and Airedale Terriers, the two breeds look very similar in their outer appearance. These two breeds share similar physical features to a greater extent.

Welsh Terrier

Both dogs have tan and black colored medium-length coats with a weird texture. Their faces are a little long, and the bearded muzzles are unique to them. Both dogs have small floppy ears and square-shaped noses.

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Likewise, the physical resemblance between Airedale Terriers and Welsh Terriers tends to be quite evident. However, they can be clearly distinguished by each other based on their size.

Airedale Terriers are much larger than Welsh Terriers. Airedale Terriers grow to a maximum of 25 inches in height and 70 pounds in weight.

Contrary to that, Welsh Terriers have an average height of 15 inches and weight of 25 pounds. Despite the differences in size, other physical characteristics are very similar among these breeds. 

  • Temperament and personality

Not only do their appearances, but their personalities also match well. Both dogs own outgoing and strong-willed characters.

These dogs descend from a hunting background; hence they inherit assertive behavior to some extent. Still, as they are intelligent, you can train them.

Remember, training is crucial for both breeds to mitigate their aggressiveness and merge with others. These breeds are also considered perfect watch dogs.

  • Maintenance, etc 

Another similarity between Airedale Terriers and Welsh Terriers is that they are hypoallergenic dogs which means they shed and drool in meager amounts.

This is a plus point because it makes grooming and maintaining these dogs easier. Food and dietary requirements also have certain similarities, yet you must be aware of the quantities as they differ. 

2. Lakeland Terriers are dogs similar to Airedale Terriers

  • Appearance 

Another dog breed that has close links with Airedale Terriers is Lakeland Terrier. Both Airedale Terriers and Lakeland Terriers have their early roots coming from England, where they were first developed for hunting purposes.

Appearance-wise, Lakeland Terriers have many similarities with Airedale Terriers. The facial features, coat color, and texture often look the same. However, they vary in size.

Lakeland Terriers are a lot smaller than Airedale Terriers. Lakeland Terriers stand tall, up to 10-15 inches, and weigh around 15-17 pounds. Therefore Lakeland Terriers can be considered as the miniature version of Airedale Terriers. 

  • Temperament and personality

Although Lakeland Terriers are much smaller in their size, they have strong and bold personalities, just like Airedale Terriers. Lakeland Terriers are small canines packed with so much energy.

They can be somewhat mischievous and indicate stubborn behavior occasionally. Training is mandatory for Lakeland Terriers. Once they get adequate training, they become well-behaved family pets.

  • Maintenance, etc 

Lakeland Terriers also fall into the hypoallergenic group. They are relatively easy to maintain and groom. Lakeland Terriers also require well-balanced regular diets and plenty of physical activities, just like Airedale Terriers. 

3. Poodle are another similar dog breed to Airedales

  • Appearance 

Airedale Terriers and poodles have distinct physical characteristics; still, these two breeds are identical when it comes to their size.

The appearance of Poodle

A standard breed poodle usually has an approximate height of 20 -30 inches and a weight of 50-70 pounds.

Poodles tend to be a little taller than Airedale Terriers, yet their overall build is similar to an Airedale Terrier. Poodles also have a dense coat, like Airedale Terriers, but the texture is different. 

  • Temperament and personality

Focusing on temperament and personalities, this is where Airedale Terriers and Poodles share the similarities the most.

As mentioned already, Airedale Terriers are dogs with high energy levels and so do poodles. Poodles are playful, active, and energetic dogs.

Moreover, both breeds are affectionate as well as loyal to the family. Airedale Terriers, as well as poodles, have hunting backgrounds linked with them. However, compared to Airedale Terriers, poodles are gentler and calmer. 

  • Maintenance, etc 

Poodles are also hypoallergenic dogs. So if you wish to have a low-maintenance, allergy-free dog, poodles are a safe choice.

Although poodles are hypoallergenic compared to Airedale Terriers, their coat maintenance needs more work and can be more costly.

Both dogs are generally healthy but inherit common health concerns such as hip dysplasia. However, not all the health complexities they face are similar. 

4. Labradoodle 

  • Appearance 

Labradoodle is the hybrid version of labradors and poodles. Labradoodles and Airedale Terriers do not share many physical similarities. It’s hard to give a precise physical explanation for Labradoodles as they are hybrid dogs.

The weight and height of Labradoodles will change depending on the genes of the parents. However, sometimes their size and body posture match with Airedale Terriers.

Moreover, the bearded muzzle on the face and floppy ears are standard features for both dogs. Other than that, their physical features tend to be different and unique to each breed. 

  • Temperament and personality

Just like Airedale Terriers are famous for their outgoing and playful characters, Labradoodles are also renowned for having similar personalities.

Labradoodle is a fun-loving, active, and vibrant dog breed. Airedale Terriers can be a little assertive, yet they are close to owners, loyal, and highly protective.

Labradoodles might not be as protective as Airedale Terriers, but they are also trustworthy and close to the family. Both breeds thoroughly enjoy actively spending time with their families. Moreover, both breeds are considered intelligent. 

  • Maintenance, etc 

Both breeds are hypoallergenic; therefore, you only have to expect minimal shedding and drooling. In comparison, Labradoodles can be high maintenance.

Although they are hypoallergenic, you must follow a thorough grooming routine to maintain their coat. So overall maintenance cost is more expensive for Labradoodles.

5. Barbet 

  • Appearance 

Appearance-wise, Airedale Terriers and Barbets aren’t very similar. From the height and weight, Airedale Terriers and Barbets could resemble to a certain extent.

However, they have clearly different physical features regarding the coat’s texture, coat color, and so forth. 

  • Temperament and personality

Some temperaments and personality traits of Airedale Terriers and Barbets seem alike. Both dogs have versatile characters and a reputation as hunting dogs.

Naturally, both dogs are high-spirited and protective of their families. Undeniably both breeds are active and energetic.

Like Airedale Terriers, Barbets also require rigorous training unless they will likely show destructive behavior. Still, Barbets are considered sensitive dogs. 

  • Maintenance, etc 

Barbets are similar to Airedale Terriers as they also fall into the hypoallergenic group. However, Barbets need more consistent and long grooming schedules than Airedale Terriers.

Barbets have longer fur than Airedale Terriers and should be brushed a few times a week. However, you should also ensure that you do not overbrush them, which could harm their coat.

Barbets are also generally healthy dogs with a similar lifespan to Airedale Terriers. Sometimes they live a little longer than Airedale Terriers. 

Final thoughts

Dogs have unique and varying looks, personalities, grooming requirements, dietary requirements, exercise requirements, health statuses, maintenance costs, etc. All these factors are determined by the breed that your dog belongs to.

Nevertheless, some dogs could share certain similarities regardless of the breed. In this article, we discussed dog breeds similar to Airedale Terriers. Airedale Terriers, as mentioned, are medium to large-sized dogs with active, energetic, outgoing personalities.

They are loyal to owners and highly protective. Moreover, Airedale Terriers are intelligent, making them trainable dogs. They are also ideal for anyone looking forward to having a relatively low-maintenance and healthy dog breed.

Despite some exceptions, Welsh Terriers, Lakeland Terriers, Poodles, Barbets, Labradoodles, and more breeds share similarities with Airedale Terriers. 


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