How To Deal With A Dog That Is Always Hungry? Explained With Tips 

How To Deal With A Dog That Is Always Hungry? Explained With Tips 

We all have experienced dogs begging for food when we’re eating something. Hell, they’ll come running as soon as we “start” to open a pack of food. And we won’t be powerful enough to resist their damn cute puppy dog eyes. It’s like there’s no “off” switch to their eating.

Hence, we face a conflict; how to deal with a dog that is always hungry? There are several ways to deal with a constantly hungry dog. First, you can redirect his attention from food to something else. High-nutrient foods, fiber-rich foods, and cut-back treats help keep your dog full for hours. And also, try some veggies if he keeps poking you for treats.

Well, that’s just a summary. Let’s have a thorough look at this conflict at hand. 

Why does my dog act like he’s starving all the time? 

Well, there is no exact answer for why your dog is always hungry. But we can venture through a few possibilities for the increased appetite of your furry friend.

  • High energy requirements

When a dog is going through a period where they need a high supply of energy, he can feel hungry all the time. Suppose your dog is still a puppy or is heavily pregnant.

During these times, the doggy’s body quickly consumes a large amount of energy. That can result in your dog being constantly hungry. 

Another reason your dog is always hungry will be the daily exercise he gets. Unlike lazy dogs, if your pet is always active, such as hunting or herding animals, his energy in the body will waste away relatively fast. That will leave a starving puppy at your feet.

  • Poor quality diet

Make sure the meal that you provide your dog is high in nutrients. Not only the main diets but, if the treats are high quality too, that’s a bonus for you.

Because the meal you give him doesn’t meet his energy requirements, there will be problems. Not only will your dog be constantly hungry, but it will also interrupt his growth and health. 

The best way to choose a balanced diet for your woofy is through his veterinarian; He can guide you to plan your dog’s most satisfactory meal.

Anyway, you don’t want your best friend to feed on an average meal. And you do not need a ravenous canine walking around the house!

  • Underlying diseases

Sometimes diseases, too, cause growth in a dog’s hunger. It might not be your dog’s or your fault, after all. But if it’s a pointer to an underlying disease, you need to be more cautious.

Please nip it in the bud before the sickness levels up to a significant problem. It can mislead you easily. Who will think their dog is sick if he ravenously gulps down all his food? Yeah, you get my point.

But believe us, it can be a medical problem that this fluffy is scavenging for food 24/7. Diseases such as,

  • Diabetes
  • Tumors
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Bacterial overgrowth in intestines
  • The cushioning disease might be the answer to why your dog is always hungry.

Keep an eye out for symptoms like weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting, along with an abnormally large appetite.

These diseases sometimes reduce nutrient absorption or glucose lockout, leaving your dog with no choice but to eat more. You better consult a professional as soon as you get any doubt. 

Besides the possibilities I mentioned above, your cute little friend “might” also feign hunger. He might have learned some skills and habits. I’ll explain in detail below. 

Why does my dog constantly beg for food? 

Dogs descend from wolves. So, it’s no wonder that they also inherited the scavenging skills from their ancestors. Likewise, there will be no “pause” button for their eating habits.

So don’t be surprised if your dog is always hungry. Whereas it’s also possible that your dog is not hungry, but eating whenever you offer food, out of greed. It can also be a learned behavior your fluffy has picked up during his life. 

If your dog was a rescued pup, he most likely experienced starvation for most of the time. Therefore, it’s natural for a rescued dog to seek food whenever he can.

On the other hand, if your cuddly is a spoiled child and knows he gets a treat if he begs, he can use it to his advantage. 

Don’t give in to either situation and offer more food. You may think that your dog is always hungry and that it’s a good thing. Well, of course, it’s a good thing.

A good appetite means you have a healthy dog. But if you overfeed, there’s a high chance that your dog will fall into obesity. And that will bring more health issues. 

I’m 100% Sure that you don’t want your beloved dog to fall ill. Isn’t that so? So, let’s see how you can deal with this pressing matter. 

How to deal with a dog that’s always hungry?

  • Deflect attention from food

Interact with your dog in other ways. Go for a run, cuddle, give your commands, and distract the food craving. Your dog will soon forget about food within a couple of minutes.

Instead of giving him pieces of treats, shower him with compliments and cuddles. Giving him a rub will also prove to be effective.

  • Keep away from Kibbles with Air/Water fillings 

you must have come across dog food that is much bigger than other brands. These fat kibbles are filled with air or water most of the time.

So, when you fill your doggo’s bowl, it won’t do enough to fill up his tummy. Hence, your dog is always hungry. 

How does that happen? When your dog burps or urinates, the filling of the kibbles will eventually leave his body. However, it won’t give him enough energy for how much he eats. So, your dog is always hungry. 

My advice? Go for dog food that is high in nutrients.

  • Opt for high fiber meals

If your fluff ball had a fiber-rich diet, it would leave his tummy full for a long time. Because fibers take time to digest and are high in nutrients, that’s the best way to fill up your hungry baby.

  • Cut back treats

If your pet is always hungry and acts like he’s starving, cut a few treats back. As I have discussed earlier, give him compliments and hugs instead.

How do I make my hungry dog feel full?

If you’re looking for ways to keep your pet feeling full, let me give you a few options.

  • Try vegetables

It is the best way to fill up your hungry pet in a healthier form. You can use Veggies such as Carrot, Cabbage, Cornflower, Celery, Broccoli, and even oats cooked with water.

  • Try creative feeding methods

That way, you can reduce the speed he eats. If your dog is always hungry, give him a feeding toy with puzzles. If you don’t have a feeding toy, you can scatter kibbles around or, better, hide them around the house.

So, he will always be busy with his detective gears, which eventually let him eat every once in a while when he finds the hidden kibbles.

So, these are my methods of dealing with an always hungry dog. Is your dog always hungry too? If so, how do you deal with it?

So fellow doggo parents, I’ll see you next time. Stay tuned with Jack Russell Owner for more interesting posts about your favorite dog breed. Cheers from Shaggy and Lenny!


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